1. E

    Do the turkish regard uk as friendly

    I forgot to post the link seen this about 2 weeks ago. There was a survey that asked if the uk was a friendly nation. The out come was only six percent, thought so.
  2. F

    Small & Friendly hotel required

    Hi everyone, I am an expat lving in Fethiye, I am looking for a small friendly hotel in Marmaris or Icemeler for a short break, location is not a priority as I enjoy walking, quiet location would be nice.
  3. mamish

    Female friendly?

    150 million TL to build a "female friendly mosque" Istanbul?s giant mosque to be ?women-friendly,? architects say - LOCAL How about spending it on a "female friendly" justice system? Harasser becomes the harassed in Turkish justice - MEL?S ALPHAN Such hypocrisy! My heart is hurting...
  4. W

    Wheelchair friendly transfers

    Does anybody know of a company that has vehicles equipped to carry wheelchairs?The person it is required for would have to remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey,as it is nigh on impossible to get him to sit on a regular seat in the vehicle.We have found a villa suitable for him and a...
  5. M

    Any pet friendly hotels in Içmeler ?

    Does anyone know of any hotels that will accommodate dogs too ?? Just thinking ahead to next summer and I dont really want to put my dog in boarding kennels - saying that though are there any boarding kennels near there also ? Might be an idea to keep her closer rather then in kennels near to...
  6. gally

    Pet friendly places to go?

    Hi Can anyone offer any ideas of places to go where you can also take your dog? Trips out, places to see, things like that, where dogs are acceptable. Even dont mind travelling distances to stay for a few nights but imagine its a problem with a dog. Any suggestions appreciated, many thanks, Martin
  7. M

    disabled friendly hotel

    hello ladies and gents. nicky and i are looking to stay in a disabled friendly hotel in chalis for 2 nights in may does anybody know of any xx
  8. S

    Not doggy friendly!!!

    Whilst I am not really a doggy person I hate any cruelty to any animals, HOWEVER I have a big gripe re dogs/ dog owners. People who go out walking with their dogs with them off their leads. It really grinds my gears when dogs, although just being friendly, jump up on me when walking by. Dog...
  9. C

    Any friendly english people living in or go on holiday regular to dalyan?

    Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Im wondering if there is any friendly english people living in or go on holiday regular to dalyan that like to meet new people and are up for meeting up? Ive been to dalyan a few times befor and i have met a few english people that have turkish boyfriends and...
  10. C

    Kas - a woman friendly town and our Soo !

    Our Rainbow ( Soo) gets a special mention in today's South Weekly supplement of the Hurriyet Daily News! ( Got my early morning copy already!) Lovely story Soo! " The matriarchal roots of the Lycians planted in Kaş are alive and strong after thousands of years. The special history makes the...
  11. Squeaky

    From our friendly Southern Neighbors

    Good afternoon: Received the following link via an e-mail this afternoon. Would you consider the work of the "Jewish" lobby??? - The Three Terrors: Ahmadinejad - Erdogan - Assad - Uploaded by expressinfo Cheers Squeaky
  12. newhorizon

    Do you think sunshine makes people more friendly?

    Something I can never get my head around...generally I find people appear more friendly when the sun is shining, but why? If I see the same person walking down the street in Winter, they do not smile or sometimes even avoid making eye contact. Yet when I see the same person in Summer they have...
  13. Bubbafella

    Friendly Jandarma

    I got pulled over the other day by the Jandarma just doing a routine check. I was asked for the car documents as normal and handed them to the officer, he had a quick look through them, then to my horror he told me that my insurance had expired two weeks ago!! This was a complete oversite by...
  14. K

    Friendly female neutered dog needs good home

    Can anyone out there give a collie cross a home. She suddenly appeared outside the restaurant about 2 months ago...she has a Turgutries tag in her ear so has been neutered and is very timmid but very friendly and seems quite young..she loves to be made a fuss of..I know there are hundreds of...
  15. S

    Eco Friendly Thermal Villas - Dikili, Izmir

    We have just bought one of these properties ourselves and would like to share this good fortune with anyone else out there who would like their own piece of paradise at an affordable price. These Thermal Villas are constructed by Nascor of Canada who are specialists in producing 60% thermally...
  16. Andy

    Friendly Old Lady

    :lol: Friendly old lady A tour bus driver is driving with a bus load of seniors down a highway when he is tapped on his shoulder by a little old lady. She offers him a handful of peanuts, which he gratefully munches up. After about 15 minutes, she taps him on his shoulder again and she hands...
  17. B

    Family friendly hotels

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help with info on family friendly hotels in Bodrum or Gumbet.Thanks (ages of kids 5 - 12)
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