1. Camden

    Boycott Amazon on Black Friday

    The economist Yanis Varoufakis has called for a one-day boycott of Amazon on Black Friday as trade unionists, environmental activists, privacy campaigners and tax justice advocates plan coordinated actions against the company’s sites and supply chain. Amazon’s success during the coronavirus...
  2. D

    Black Friday.

    Remember, tomorrow is "Black Friday", and boy I can't wait. "NOT"..
  3. bickern

    Friday 13th

    Today is Friday 13th, also dubbed the ‘unluckiest day of the year.’ And let’s face it, there could be some truth in that claim, with today falling at the end of a particularly tumultuous week in which the coronavirus situation has acutely escalated leading to an emergency government meeting...
  4. A

    2 FREE Tickets this Friday; Ideal Home Exhibition, London

    Would anyone like the 2 tickets I purchased for Friday, 22nd November, to the Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia in London? I thought I would be in England at that time but things have changed and now I'm in the UK from 1st to 12th December instead, so cannot use these tickets. In exchange...
  5. bickern

    Iyi Bayramlar Arkadaşlar

    Friday is Victory Day (Zafer Bayramı), it is a national holiday in Turkey, and always celebrated on August 30th. Victory Day commemorates the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar which was the decisive battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922 Banks, Government offices, and some local...
  6. D

    A frustrating Friday

    A Frustrating Friday | The Old Groaner

    Black friday

    Do any of our esteemed members get into this buying freenzy and if so what sort of goodies have the best bargains. And before anyone jumps in ...I have just bought a Sink!
  8. immac

    American Black Friday Shopping

    I do a lot of on-line shopping using US stores, esp Amazon US. Sometimes they will not ship out of USA, so I then use to buy and ship. have sent a reminder of upcoming shopping events, which I hope you will find useful: "Mark your calendars! Find the biggest discounts of the...
  9. teosgirl

    Friday prayers for school

    Turkish Education Ministry adopts regulation for time off for Friday prayers - RELIGION More academic school time cut from the curriculum in favour of religion. At least they'll see who's faithful and who's not (and be able to promote accordingly). Although there is opposition to this...
  10. Peter&Janette

    It's Friday, the weekend starts here!

    Beautiful drive into work this morning. Glorious sunshine and the countryside looking like "this other Eden, demi paradise". Listening to a bit of Northern, ( Hoagy Lands, "The Next In Line" what a tune!) looking at the shades of green passing by, looking forward to the weekend. Even forgot...
  11. Peter&Janette

    Damp Friday

    Driving in to work this morning, damp and drizzly. Put Califonia Soul on by Marlena Shaw and instant sunshine! Bring on the weekend !
  12. Bubskar

    Ortaca Friday Market

    Morning all, was planning a day to Ortaca market on Friday from Fethiye. However, I've realised it's the 1st May, Labour Day and Public holiday. Can anyone tell me if this means there will be no market trading on that day? Don't want to waste the journey down
  13. yalimart

    Black Friday - welcome to Manchester

    Black Friday Manchester: Police called to eight supermarkets across Greater Manchester as sales start - Manchester Evening News Riots, arrests, ambulances called to stores, stores forced to close their doors just a normal Friday shopping day in Manchester surely ? Martin
  14. ted j

    Black Friday

    For those of you in the UK , a lot of stores are joining this "from America" tradition of offering sometimes huge discounts on goods Tesco, Sainsburys , John Lewis and others are having sales Asda Will announce their deals tomorrow on their website , but have leaked that there will be...
  15. S

    Good Friday

    So its Good a Friday again What does that day mean to you. To some no doubt its annoying because the boozers close early, for this neck of the woods its the anniversary of a political agreement and of course for many its a holy day before Easter. For me however its of more significance than...
  16. Freedom 49

    Mad friday

    If it was like this last Friday, 5 days before they actually celebrate Christmas, what will they be like by Wednesday morning? :hmm: I'm so pleased to be well away from all that and even more pleased that my poor old Mum & Dad are so long departed that they actually never had to see what's...
  17. SLEEPY

    Freaky friday

    Well that day is upon us again.The last Friday before Christmas when every man and his dog will be out, tanked up to the gills and full of miss guided Christmas spirit. Not a night for the faint hearted so this evening I will climb into my onesie and park my backside on the sofa.
  18. Yalides

    Friday 13th scams

    Beware. Had two emails this morning from scammers purporting to be banks advising account problems and asking for personal details. F**k off was not the answer they were looking for methinks. This came through a throwaway email address I use.
  19. mamish

    WOW! meeting Friday 6 September

    Just a week to the next WOW! (Women of the World) meeting - time flies! The topic is "Intuition - Trusting your Inner Voice". If you are like many people, you may already have a good idea what intuition is and the role it plays in your life. Perhaps you have had experiences like these: • You had...
  20. mamish

    WOW! meeting Friday 2 August

    The next WOW! (Women of the World) monthly meeting is on Friday 2 August in Bodrum, from 12.30 to 2.30pm. This is a discussion group open to all women who are interested in exploring topics around mind, body, emotions, spirit, etc. There is no charge, all nationalities welcome but the...
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