1. willip

    Sky, Freeview, Hotbird etc.

    just looking at this offer of a satellite signal finder for £14.99 at Argos details below, does anybody know whether this would work in Turkey? could you find all the freeview channels on your box instead of having to take the box back to be chipped. thanks for any help. Pat Details...
  2. Martyn

    Freeview viewers need to retune 30th September

    BBC NEWS | Technology | Freeview viewers face set retune
  3. P

    freeview in turkey

    hi does anyone know or have tried an english freeview box in turkey
  4. spitfire

    Freeview Box £10 at Tesco

    Get down to Tesco and pick up a freeview box for a tenner! Techwood AESTBS7B 200 channels On screen display 7 day EPG Text & subtitles Auto or manual search Favourite channel mode I think it is just the Tesco Extra stores that are selling these (while stocks last) Got three this evening and...
  5. T

    Freeview boxes

    Hi just returned from Hisaronu, where we have been setting up our new apartment. I did notice in a local bar that they had a type of freeview box operating. Please could anyone tell me is it free after buying the box, where would I purchase a box and for how much. Lastly would a UK freeview box...
  6. Marc

    54 UK Freeview channels in Turkey, and it does work.

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know I have just completed 2 weeks of watching 54 UK freeview channels, and it works very well. The solution has previously been mentioned and more details can be found here Slingbox. I waited a couple of weeks to makesure I wasnt recomending a dead duck but here is...
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