1. J

    Golf Studio Villa For Sale £16000 Freehold

    I'm selling a newly built studio villa and have the title deed (tapu) in my name. The complex is situated next to King Villa's. Any questions, please ask.
  2. the bueman

    Freehold title deed

    How do you know if your Tapu is Freehold. Is there any way to establish if the Developer holds the right to the land your property is built upon.
  3. D

    Freehold title deed

    hi, i'm a Hillside owner...only just joined this forum. Can anyone tell me if they have had an email about the freehold title deed and having to come out to Dalaman to sort out the power of attorney again?
  4. Pennie

    Freehold or leasehold

    Hi, can someone help? Was talking to some friends yesterday who have been living here four years. They told me they were advised not to buy on a sitesi as they are leasehold properties not freehold. Is this right as we are thinking of selling our house which is freehold and moving possibly onto...
  5. D

    Kalkan Property - Freehold or Leasehold?

    We have placed a deposit on an apartment in Kalkan and are not sure from our contract if the property is freehold. We understood that most properties in Turkey are freehold, but have now some doubts. If it is leasehold, is it correct that the owner of the land has first refusal on the resale? We...
  6. C

    3 months only to buy freehold in turkey

    I have reliably been informed that the Turkish Supreme Court in Ankara has just ruled that from 3 months foreigners will only be able to buy property in Turkey on 120 year leasehold. This has been the subject of speculation for some time, I seem to recall posts about this. It appears that this...
  7. P


    Can anyone tell me is there such a law when buying in turkey that you could buy a villa but still not own the land? I think this happens in Italy and it is upto the buyer to find this out. Regards Paul
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