1. Tenpin

    News New Report: Internet Freedom in Turkey

    New Report: Internet Freedom in Turkey had a score decline for the third year in a row Extract: Freedom on the Net 2021 finds that internet freedom in Turkey had a score...
  2. Camden

    Press Freedom new blow

    Turkish press baron agrees to sell media arm to Erdogan ally Aydin Dogan’s deal with Demiroren the latest blow to the independence of the press CNN Turk television station and Hurriyet newspaper plus Turkish Daily News Financial Times...
  3. S

    Turkeys freedom of press on trial
  4. Freedom 49

    MY FREEDOM DAY. What Does it Mean to You?

    My Freedom Day to me is, The Freedom to ignore the 'Doom & Gloomers' and and get on with living my life to the full, as I wish, here in Turkey. :hippie: What does it mean to you?
  5. yalimart

    Press freedom or not

    Minister Admits Relationship With Prostitute Funny how 4 newspapers had this story and decided not to publish with the ardent socialist sun saying there was no story to be told. I think there is as it sounds sleazy to me, and I dont mean where he gets his kicks, he is quite entitled to date who...
  6. PASH

    Just does not get this freedom of speech thing!

    Turkey confirms asking Germany to prosecute comedian for insulting Erdo?an - POLITICS
  7. Spurs

    Freedom of movement?

    Should make it easier for Cameron now, where's the French freedom of movement? Operation Stack brought in: Dover to Calais ferries cancelled during industrial action
  8. S

    Talk in English on Press freedom and social media

    A presentation that should be attended by all users of social media : Subject: Present State of Press Freedom and New Developments in Social Media 17 April Friday at 11.00 hrs. at BOTİM OASİS ( below THY) Haluk Şahin: Phd. Indiana Univ., Emeritus Professor of Mass Communications at Istanbul...
  9. Mushtaq

    Boycott D&G for their freedom of expression?

    Reading the news today about the Hoo Haa created by Sir Elton John and her husband David in response to interview given by D&G saying that a child should have a mother and father and not created artificially (not the exact words but that's how I understand it) Does this warrant a boycott? What...
  10. T

    10.3 Million Signatures for Peace and Freedom for Öcalan

    Article extract: In March 1999, when the International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan—Peace in Kurdistan” was founded, it was unthinkable. Unthinkable, that Abdullah Öcalan would ever – get out alive. After his forceful abduction from Kenya with the help of Western intelligence...
  11. Yalides

    Freedom of speech ?

    Thousands of Muslims gather outside Downing Street over Charlie Hebdo cartoonists | Daily Mail Online Where are the water cannons when you need them ?
  12. T

    European Parliament urges Turkey to respect freedom of press

    The European Parliament has criticized the Dec. 14, 2014 operation against TV stations and newspapers with alleged links to Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, in a joint motion that is set to be voted on Jan. 15, also recalling that “a free and pluralistic press is an essential component of any...
  13. bickern

    Legal costs and freedom

    With legal costs estimated at £3 mill for the Mitchel case where does that leave an ordinary man about town if he feels slighted. It suggests to me that the courts are out of reach of any sensible person that has a normal sense of fear. The legal profession always wins, that is a given, but now...
  14. bal canavar

    More Freedom Lost in Turkey

    More fresh blows to Freedom in Turkey the new draconian media measures bill which include the clause to "close businesses in protest" Then to hear that Dogan holdings may sell thier media companies. denied at the moment . But it is obvious they can see what is coming , the writing on the...
  15. B

    Iran and freedom of choice.

    UK Foreign Office tackles Iranian government over woman imprisoned for watching volleyball - Telegraph Could this be the reason why Firefox can't or won't return to Iran. I don't imagine for one moment that we will get a reply from him...
  16. beyazbayan

    Freedom of the media?

    RTÉ bosses say that fighting Pantigate action would have been ‘foolhardy’
  17. teosgirl

    Freedom for headscarf wearers, but not for TV presenters

    Today Mr Celik admitted his comments, claiming it's his fundamental freedom of rights to comment on anything in the public sphere. Shame the same freedoms are not granted to everyone, the PM sues every man and his dog for voicing personal opinions. LOCAL - Turkish TV presenter fired over...
  18. shirleyanntr

    freedom of speech

    you may or may not have heard of Canan Arın a Womens Rights advocate who is on trial for something she said during a conference on Child Marriages in Turkey. the third pat of the trial is due in august..if found guilty sh is facing five years in prison for trying to bring attention to what is a...
  19. Mushtaq

    Turkey moves to boost freedom of expression

    (Reuters) - Turkey has drafted changes to the penal code, narrowing the definition of terrorist propaganda in a step to boost freedom of expression in line with EU demands and potentially encourage a fledgling peace process with a jailed Kurdish militant leader. The bill, presented to Prime...
  20. Firebrand

    Report on press freedom in Turkey

    Turkey's Press Freedom Crisis - Reports - Committee to Protect Journalists This report by the Committee to Protect Journalists makes for harrowing reading.
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