1. R

    Duty Free

    Hi. We are travelling to Dalaman with Pegasus via Istanbul. Are we allowed to buy duty free at Manchester? Will they allow us to board the Dalaman flight with our duty free? We won't be able to purchase at Istanbul as we'll be in transit. Thanks for any advice Rosie
  2. L

    Easyjet duty free.

    With the restrictions,are Easyjet still doing duty free,ie spirits and perfumes?
  3. D

    UK Free Trade Deal with Turkey.

    Brexit free trade deal ‘very close’ – UK finalising comprehensive agreement with Turkey. TURKEY is "very close" to signing a post-Brexit free trade agreement with the UK covering manufactured goods, agriculture and services, the country's Foreign Minister has revealed. By PAUL WITHERS...
  4. M

    Free resource for Turkish language learning

    I wanted to share about, a free online resource that I created for Turkish language learners. It has explanations on pronunciation and grammar as well as a few cultural topics. The focus of the articles on is topics that don't get explained...
  5. N

    Dubai free food delivery

    This is how dubai,s government is encouraging people to stay put Free groceries for everyone
  6. D

    Free e-books

    Does anyone know a site offering free downloadable ebooks? Burgomeister used to be excellent until they ceased operations. They were superseded by via, also excellent, but now this does not seem to be working. Is anyone else able to currently access, or know of...
  7. bickern

    Free Turkish Lessons

    I believe the Koycegiz Halk Egitim has started a fresh Turkish Language course three times a week and it started this morning. The course is free so it may be cost effective for those in the surrounding areas to pool a car and fuel and attend.
  8. bickern

    New streaming service and it's FREE

    THERE’S a new kid on the block when it comes to movie streaming and unlike long-established services from the likes of Sky, Netflix, and Amazon – this one is completely free to watch. Until very recently, Plex didn’t offer any way to access content from third-party providers. Instead, it was...
  9. A

    2 FREE Tickets this Friday; Ideal Home Exhibition, London

    Would anyone like the 2 tickets I purchased for Friday, 22nd November, to the Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia in London? I thought I would be in England at that time but things have changed and now I'm in the UK from 1st to 12th December instead, so cannot use these tickets. In exchange...
  10. W

    Free Rent in Bulgaria

    Good morning, I have a very nice house in Mid Bulgaria that we have not been out to for 2 years and I don't Think we will be going next year. I don’t like leaving the house empty for all this time and was thinking if letting it out in exchange for the maintenance work to be taken care of by who...
  11. A

    FREE show tonight only at the amphitheatre in Old Town Side

    Just a reminder that tonight is the last night of the Side Festival with the free shows at the amphitheatre. Here is today's programme ... Their Gala Performance is as follows ... Saturday, 14th September 2019 - 21:30 - Venue - Ancient Theatre Show - Antalya Devlet Opera and Ballet 'Gala...
  12. W

    Free Standing Bedroom furniture

    1st set double wardrobe, large chest, 2x bedside drawer chests, 1x drawer/dressing table with stool and mirror and double head board Maple colour £100.00 2nd set double wardrobe 1x drawer/dressing table with stool mirror. Dark wood colour £75.00 3rd set double wardrobe 1x drawer/dressing table...
  13. mollag

    Visa free travel ?

    I cannot see it myself, except if, by close, he means they have it in Greece which is very close. Turkey close to visa-free travel: EU commisioner Turkey close to visa-free travel: EU commisioner - Turkey News
  14. D

    Free VPN for PC.?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a "FREE" VPN for my PC. Please can you advise if they are any good ones out there at the mo.?? Much Appreciated.
  15. bickern

    OnlineTV 13 free offer

    6 days left on this offer. (you don't need to give real email and you can decline to have the hub autostart) With OnlineTV 13, you can receive over 130 TV programs from 14 different countries in 7 different languages! Stream English- and foreign-language TV programs from the Internet directly...
  16. bickern

    Free browsec VPN alternative

    Not used myself because I have a paid one but... Members are welcome to try it and report back if it is any good.
  17. V

    Dairy free products

    Not sure this is the right place but my little girl has milk allergy and so has a dairy free diet, anyone else dairy free and can give me any tips for shopping and eating out? Would you recommend bringing some of our own food out with us? We have had info previous on here regarding the milk this...
  18. T

    Will EU Articles 11 & 13 Suppress Free Speech?

    The EU 'Juri' has waived through new legislation that threatens the internet's Free Speech. Under the guise of protecting Copy-rights the planned legislation would make it almost impossible to repost, links, photos etc, without a very expensive licence which only the big boyz can afford...
  19. Akasya

    Royal Wedding free Zone

    Royal Wedding free zone , please . BBC weather today , where from ? " The royal Yacht Britannia " Another attack of the vapours for the blue rinse brigade . Three hurrahs . Steve
  20. V

    dairy free?

    hi i am coming to turkey soon and my grandaughter is coming with us, she is dairy intolerant and we currently use "oat milk" as even soya causes reaction, is this a product we can purchase in altinkum/didim? also what is the variety of dairy free foods like are any stores better than others...
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