Freaky friday

    Well that day is upon us again.The last Friday before Christmas when every man and his dog will be out, tanked up to the gills and full of miss guided Christmas spirit. Not a night for the faint hearted so this evening I will climb into my onesie and park my backside on the sofa.
  2. jenifer

    Freaky !! Definately worth a look.

    Just click onto each picture and follow instructions. Anyone know how this works? Ron

    Freaky friday

    Tonight is commonly known as Freaky Friday at home when every man and his dog is out partying before Christmas, bars are packed all day and huge quantities of the devils buttermilk is consumed. This inevitably leads to numerous punch ups and a very busy A&E at the local hospital. Not a night...
  4. YogiPJ

    Freaky Stuff

    Of late I've become very interested in "Spiritual" stuff (which Lorraine referes to as "Freaky Stuff" :-) I've just published a page on our website to share some of the really interesting stuff I've found. I'd be interested to get any feedback or even to start a "spiritual" discussion...
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