1. Spurs


    If we cant sort fraud out here, then please don't give me the cr*p that we are on the ball with foreign aid monies. UK's Most Wanted Alleged Con-Artists Named
  2. juco

    2015 election fraud.

    The Conservative party is currently under investigation over its campaign spending in the 2015 general election. But if one year passes after the alleged offences, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will no longer be able to prosecute the politicians accused of breaking the law...
  3. B

    TakasBank safe sale in future

    It doesn’t help us who have witnessed fraud but now sales will be safe through TakasBank … and no more fraud hopefully in future. I can't put in the Youtube link here. In youtube search for TapuTakas Tanitim. Or copy and put this in: qVXXPrdCc4I - It also works with google search :-) It...
  4. T

    Election Fraud - How rife is it?

    Before the GE, a friend phoned to ask if she could still vote because she had not received her polling card, I confirmed that she could. This question lead us to a conversation about 'voting security'. Neither of us were asked for any ID, we both asked the polling officer "did they require our...
  5. N

    Victim of property fraud in Turkey and want to join forces?

    Many times it has been said that we need to join forces to get our voices heard. Ive read on here threads from people who have independently written, faxed and phoned everyone and anyone they think could help only for us all to get the same result - no one answers our letters. But what about...
  6. juco

    HSBC ..another fraud?

    Is there any element of British society that is not corrupt:
  7. C

    URGENT - Nokta - Cengiz - Beran - need wittnesses

    Mery x-mas all. A newspaper is asking for other persons who can witness Nokta's fraud in Bodrum. Cengiz and the lawyer Beran. Grand Seaview hasn't got there habit certs - Iskan - like the another one in Gumusluk city. The new site build under Sepin Insaat name by Cengiz - guess they have the...
  8. C

    Nokta Cengiz & Beran Özdemir fraud case

    Bodrum court has a case now against Nokta/Cengiz Altinbascan & Beran Özdemir. They deny fraud. Anyone who is part of their fraud please be kind and write it here. This can be helpful at the end and maybe make the fraud in Bodrum less in future. Never use a lawyer in Bodrum - if you do, you...
  9. immac

    Holiday Rental Fraud

    From Mail Holiday villa fraud that's hit countless British families | Mail Online Ian
  10. T

    Online fraud

    I read this and thought there are some people on this forum who are very clever they give people lots of good advice, this reminded me how great and useful the advice is. I hope this helps. I have read advice about helpful things for example adblockpro please keep giving the advice. Thanks for...
  11. Jaycey

    Art Fraud

    Art dealer, 81, who made a 'fortune from fake paintings': Veteran accused of selling thousands of copies of modern works as genuine for £250 Art dealer, 81, who made a 'fortune from fake paintings': Veteran accused of selling thousands of copies of modern works as genuine for £250 | Mail...
  12. bickern

    Top 10 bizarre benefit fraud excuses

    10. ‘I needed the money to pay for TV in each of the five bedrooms, as the kids have ADHT, and I have to keep them in.’ She failed to mention the children no longer lived with her. 9. ‘I don’t know why you’re interviewing me, I’m bisexual!’ 8. ‘It’s not my partner, it’s my sister.’ When the...
  13. Mushtaq

    About the 'Property Fraud in Turkey' thread

    I have decided to remove the thread for the time being and maybe completely as it's served it's purpose. Most of the issues raised have been addressed, maybe not to everyone's satisfaction but I think it's now going round in circles and getting caught up with small details. Anyone who still...
  14. J

    Re: Let's tag on to the Property Fraud in Turkey thread

    Re: Let's tag on to the Property Fraud in Turkey thread I can see someone starting a facebook group about this scam stuff and it spreads like wild fire on fb!!!! some folk dont like facebook but its darned good for spilling beans and getting the word out!!! the bad ones hate it cos facebook has...
  15. H

    Naming and shaming property fraud.

    Hello to everyone! It is high time someone should name and shame specific parties doing business in the Akbuk region, specifically so called "appointed lawyers" handling the purchase process of off-plan property. When we good hard working people intrust our account to be handled by the proposed...
  16. Sunny Seasider

    Credit Card Fraud - An Inconvenience

    Today our Credit Card On-Line Statement came through my e mail, as you do I checked it, and there were two entries, One for a Ryanair Flight and One for an 02 Mobile Top-Up. :hmm: We haven't booked a Ryanair flight, transaction dated 12th Jan, and we are on Orange Contract Network. So I duly...
  17. B

    Blue Badge Fraud

    Fivefold rise in cost of Blue Badge to combat fraud - Telegraph I think it is a move in the right direction, so that only genuine disabled drivers are able to take advantage of this scheme. Too many people are abusing this scheme at the moment. I do not have a Blue Badge...
  18. T

    5TL Million Fraud - Arrests!

    Link borrowed from the Agean Independent in Fethiye: Bank officials & others involved in massive frauds. Arrests made in several area's of Turkey! Check your bank, credit card etc statements!! 5 MILLION FRAUD UNCOVERED IN FETHIYE..
  19. V

    Benefit fraud expat jailed

    A Yorkshire woman who claimed over £42,000 benefits from the UK despite living permanently in Spain has been jailed. Although she told teachers at her daughter's school that they were emigrating five years ago, the woman continued claiming Income Support, housing benefit and council tax...
  20. Mary

    4 members of same family jailed for fraud

    On tonights news Manchester area 4 members of a travelling family have been jailed for over 20 years for fraud on elderly and others, dodgy building work, using milk on concrete paving instead of chemicals, taking money by deception, forcing people to sell there homes, and various other crimes...
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