1. IbrahimAbi

    RIP Frank Bough

    The passing of a truly great sports journalist. RIP Frank.
  2. immac

    Hamilton with Frank Williams

    Lovely video of Lewis treating Frank to a flying Lap in a Merc Saloon: Ian
  3. B

    Anne Frank's diaries.

    BBC News - Anne Frank's Diary vandalised in Japan libraries What sort of idiotic individual or organisation would attempt to destroy any books like this. I am quite sure that the majority of Japanese people don't support this kind of behaviour...
  4. P

    North Cyprus - Frank & Joan

    HI Frank and Joan started a blog living in North Cyprus, they have moved on to pastures new living in France now. I have seen somewhere on this forum someone looking for their new blog. Frank and Joan's Adventures in France
  5. giglets

    Frank Carson Dies

    Another of the old-school takes his last curtain call. Great comedian. BBC News - Comic Frank Carson dies aged 85
  6. J

    Frank and Joan?

    Bit of a wild shot, but for a few years now I have been reading the adventures of Frank and Joan in Norther Cyprus on their Blog. They have moved to France but their Blog suddenly ended in October. Does anyone know what has happened......hope they are OK. I feel like I have lost good friends.
  7. peter the postie

    Frank... The story continues

    When I posted my story "Frank" I got some good feedback, so I'm continuing the story here...
  8. peter the postie


    I can’t remember much about the 50’s, I was born three quarters of the way through it, and potty trained by the end it. The 60’s were a bit of a blur and, no I don’t remember what I was doing when Kennedy was shot and I’d never even heard of football when England won the world cup. The...
  9. J

    frank lampard

    Just listened to a recording involving Frank Lampard and a radio phone-in host, i think his name is James O'brian. Frank's sister was listening to the programme and alerted him to the verbal abuse from O'brian. Frank Lampard phoned the radio station, and had words with this person. Sky called it...
  10. F

    Frank here....

    New to all this forum business, work in IT so generally avoid any non business use of computers but having just purchased in Altinkum guess this might be a usefull place to pick up advice/guidance etc... Pleased to join the community, look forward to hours of insightfull discussion !
  11. L

    Gail......message via Lynne...from Frank !

    Hi Gail Frank and Mary have left your phone number in the UK re dish washer I have their Turkish phone number Check out your PM box as I have left it there for you If problem message me Happy to help ! Lynne :)
  12. K

    Happy Birthday Frank

    Happy Birthday Frank Pinter from Datca. I met Frank briefly just after he moved to his new home in Datca. I hope you have settled in now Frank and your wife is feeling well. Best wishes from Jane
  13. madturkishcow

    Gunaydin Frank

    Good morning Frank:D Welcome to the original,one and only mad house :DHave a seat,chat away,ask anything you like(we employ moderators to keep us all innocents;))and in return for a nice cold Efes (the fridge is working Mustafa[:p]) tell us a bit about yourself.There are allsorts in here,all...
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