1. B

    Picture framing

    Hi all, Does any one know where I can get a picture mounted and framed locally / or in Mugla region. Thanks
  2. mafalda

    Picture Framing

    Hello, I need to have some pictures framed. Can anyone recommend a good place in Fethiye? Thanks, mafalda
  3. R

    Picture framing services

    Hi fellow forum readers. Can anybody advise if any picture framing services in Yali or Bodrum I have a few canvas paintings I would like to frame.
  4. Angorfa

    Pictures, Art and picture framing?

    Hi we are going out to Altinkum to furnish our new Duplex in a fortnight and wondered if anyone knew a good place to buy pictures or art in or near Altinkum. My wife paints and also works in a picture framers/art gallery in the uk so was wondering if its best to bring our own or cheaper to buy...
  5. martin m

    picture framing

    Hi all Just been round doncaster and found some decent pictures to hang on the walls when we take them out in a month,all we need now is someone to frame them in Altinkum, anyone know anyone who does this kinda work, thanks in advance. martin
  6. C

    Didim picture & framing shops

    Its finally got to the stage where we would like to buy a few pictures for our bare walls. Last time we had a look around Didim we came to the conclusion that apart from Mr Ataturk himself there was nada on offer. I'm thinking that we will probably have to buy some prints in the UK and have...
  7. marymossi

    Picture Framing

    I have some prints I'd like framed. Would it be better doing it at home and taking over or is there someone who would do it Altinkum/Didim?
  8. P

    Picture Framing

    Hi can anybody tell me where I can get some picture framing done, in or around Bodrum. We will be out in April and hope to get some large photographs framed. Thanks Pipermam
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