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    Damp around door frames

    We have damp coming through the walls on the corners of the walls at the door frames on some of the doors...i was sure I had read a thread on how to deal with this but I've gone back 3 years and can't find it! Can anyone advise what to do about shows up as orange stains where the corner...
  2. J

    Optician in Alanya who repairs frames

    Some fool, me, sat on my specs and I have now to wear my computer glasses everywhere. Hoping someone knows of a repairing optician in or around Alanya, not a 'designer' boutique where I can have them fixed.
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    Photo frames

    :hail:Can anyone in the DIDIM or ALTINKUM area guide me to a shop that sells A4 size picture or photo frames.I have looked but have had no luck.:attention
  4. I

    where to buy picture frames

    Hi All, Does anybody know a place in the Bodrum area to buy picture frames and cardboard mounts ? I have few photos I took in Turkey last year that I want to get mounted and framed for our apartment. In the UK I usually buy frames from Ikea. I know there is an Ikea in Izmir but thats a bit of...
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