1. Q

    work permit for company foundation?

    Hello. I will start a small company in Turkey soon with a partner, we are both living outside of Turkey but will have to do some stuff like scoring the location, hiring employees etc in order to get the company running. Do we need a work permit for this? Also, let's say only one partner does...
  2. Squeaky

    ‘CB foundation made TL 2.5 billion in unfair profit'

    Good afternoon: I have noticed many posts complaining about the rip offs and scams that have been pulled on members with many people asking why the authorities have not or do not do something to protect people from such illegal/immoral actions. This morning I noticed a short article in...
  3. S

    I Need Turkish Religious Foundation Regulations in English.

    Hi Everyone, and assalamualaikum. Im a student from Jakarta and i need to read regulations that related to religious foundation in Turkey so much.. could anyone here help me ? Maybe help finding it at the library in Turkey ....? if you wanna get paid i would pay you (but pls not so expensive cos...
  4. KKOB

    Turkish Cultural Foundation Archives

    An online image archive of Turkish art, created from some 12,000 digitised slides, was launched last week by the Turkish Cultural Foundation. 54-year-old Turkish art archive now online - Hurriyet Daily News Enter the archives Here
  5. Struggs

    Rimmel Foundation & Powder

    Free samples:
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