1. M

    Urgent dog needs fostering.

    Hi I am asking if there is anyone who can help a friend out urgently. They have moved to Spain recently and are taking their dog and cat over there. I don't know the full story but the cat has gone already but the vet messed up regarding the dog and now it cant go when planned. It is...
  2. S

    cat needing shortish term fostering

    I am living in the UK at the moment and my partner is in Fethiye area looking after our cat but he will be coming here in a couple of months as i am pregnant and want him here for the birth. So ideally i need someone to look after our cat until we return in August. If anyone can help i would...
  3. merlin

    TAiK.... Fostering US/Turkey relationships....

    The site here has been developed by the Turkish - U.S. Business Council (TAIK) which is working to strengthen business relations between the the US and Turkey and provides a gateway to anyone interested in Turkish business and investment opportunities. Some great information on this site. Merv!
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