1. S

    Mix on Forums

    When I banter about the mythical Spanish Living Forum and joke about TLF it often strikes me the very wide range of types of people we all encounter on forums. I suppose it's a mirror of people in the real world but I do at times wonder is it also that a certain type of person is attracted to...
  2. teklu

    Is Facebook Killing Forums?

    Why do forums like this still exist when anybody can open a Facebook group? Which is better? What is different? I don't mean this as a slight against this community, so please don't interpret it that way! I'm just seeking your thoughts about the difference between a forum and a Facebook group.
  3. Mushtaq

    Turkish Forums - How Balanced are they?

    I have noticed that a lot of discussions on Turkish forums are pretty negative, there are political threads, financial threads, the scam threads etc etc. When I started this forum it was with the intention of having a platform with little censorship (avoiding the law suits) to allow for a...
  4. S

    New Forums

    With Mushtaq opening his new Altinkum Forum, area specific forums seem a good way to go with locally relevant information being made available. Now our one donkey Burg wouldnt be lively/intresting enough for its own site but are there other regions which could go it alone with Indeoendent forums?
  5. D

    Folks on forums

    I think this is very true [The Old Groaner] Fear and loathing on the net - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
  6. L


    like to suggest that forums are listed in alphabetical order why is it in the random way it is?
  7. bickern

    My thoughts on forums

    Forums are brilliant communities where newcomers are welcomed with open arms, where members can meet and have a chat on all sorts of topics be it news, hobbies or whatever. What sets apart forums though is it gives people anonymity, where members can come out of their normal shell and take on a...
  8. teresa

    Forums make you brain dead

    I have been a member of this forum for a long time and it has outlasted all my other forum memberships. I have picked up a lot of information and continue to do so BUT.... I cannot stress enough that I feel that if something is really important to you personally - check it out for yourselves...
  9. Mushtaq

    Private forums

    I think there is a need for some private forums for some members who would like to discuss issues related to particular projects/sites or common problems they are facing. I can offer a private forum where only selected members have access, obviously will need a member to moderate each forum and...
  10. arrian


    i've just been on to the British Lung Foundation forum for a quick look, although there are very few posters on there these days. there was some problems before last Christmas that i know very little about as i didn't go on too often, and the blf have done a survey with regards to keeping the...
  11. D

    sub forums

    how do you set up a sub forum?
  12. C

    advice on other forums regarding buying in turkey

    We are hoping to move to Turkey in the very near future and are really excited about it. We love the sunny weather and we are fed up with England for millions of reasons. We read posts offering advice from various people on various forums on the internet and so we really would welcome your...
  13. ceemac

    Forums Membership

    Just wondering how many of you are members of other forums too? I sometimes see reference made to other forums and am casually interested in what other forums are popular. I find all my interests are catered for here - the main reason of course being my property in Turkey but you can discuss...
  14. Z

    Hello all @ Turkish Living Forums

    Hello All Carol and Jerry here We have just brought a property in Kalkan and are looking, in time, to at least 'over winter' there -I have another 12 / 18 months before retirement We have not read many of the forums yet - so here goes... Thank you to whoever has taken the time and commitment...
  15. R

    Have any of you been on other forums relating to Turkey?

    I've been googling a lot recently trying to get cheap flights (no luck) and the links I have been directed to via google!!!! I ended up wasting loads of time as the links were so funny or strange. I hadn't realised how many forums there were, as I found this place by chance. On one of them...
  16. P

    new district forums?

    Hi everyone, just been wondering if it would be worth subdividing bodrum forum into more forums ie yali, gundogun, gumsluck etc as there is more and more people who own over there now and it may be useful for local infomation and advice? just a thought so don't bite my head off :crazy: paul and...
  17. merlin

    Three New Forums!

    1. Antalya.... Commonly called "The Turkish Riviera", Antalya is one of the most beautiful provinces of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast in the South of Anatolia. 2. Izmir.... Izmir is the pearl of the Aegean, a fascinating city whose history begins in the mists of legend. Turkey's third...
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