1. Mushtaq

    Forum upgrade notice

    Please note I am going to attempt an upgrade to the forum software over the next couple of days. During this period the forum may go offline and inaccessible, I hope this upgrade runs smoothly and we should be back online with a new look and feel. Apologies in advance for the disruption but...
  2. mollag

    Turkey Villa Forum

    Sad new, Terry Press, the lady who started the Turkey Villa Forum, passed away on Monday. Her forum helped advise and guide us into full time living in Turkey and we met some great peeps through it, we are still in touch with many. We met, and even stayed with Terry and family in Guzelcamli on a...
  3. T

    Hello Forum Members

    Hello guys I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tony and I have been living / working in Turkey for the last 7 months. I currently live in Sapanca and work in Akyazı. (company house) We are both 60 in the next few weeks and I am now considering buying a house / villa in the Fethiye...
  4. bickern

    Forum Leechers and Moaners

    This forum has many members, it is the posts that make it what it is. I enjoy reading what members have to say, whether I agree or not is irrelevant because it is a forum. What I do find is that many members, and there are many, tend to take a back seat and don't really contribute, fine I...
  5. J

    Why is there no Ankara sub forum??

    I'm moving to Ankara in a few weeks! How come there are sub forums for lots of the major cities / areas, but not one for the capital??
  6. Rose Cole

    New to the forum.

    Hello everyone! Like a lot of people, I was slightly apprehensive when visiting Turkey for the first time in the early noughties. But like most people, I soon began to appreciate the country and it’s people. Over the next several years, my holidays became more frequent and eventually fell in...
  7. A

    Adverts on Turkish Living Forum

    Surely it cannot just be me? I spend more time hitting the X button and saying why I do not want to see the very many adverts on this site than I do reading the posts. Very annoying, especially the ones that come back time and time again, despite the fact that when I say I have no interest in...
  8. suzyq

    Bodrums best spots

    The southern Aegean summer tourist hub of Bodrum, referred to as the Turkish Riviera, has and will always been popular and despite rattling of late by earthquakes, it has not shaken the throngs that vacation at the top summer destination The newest news to come from Bodrum was the arrival of...
  9. A

    office-friendly forum

    Hi, can I please request that when posting on here, can the list of smilies/emoji icons be made to appear very small? its just that I'm in an office and its just too obvious lol. thanks.
  10. kemerkid

    Forum Rules.

    There is obviously a problem on this forum, however it is not the first time that such a situation has occurred but I think in many ways it is more serious this time. All such forums require rules otherwise anarchy takes hold and the members in general suffer. Of the 20 rules for TLF many or...
  11. S

    Spanish Living Forum

    There seems so much rancour, bad feeling, arguments disputes and disagreements on TLF thesedays over everything from Ukraine to UKIP, and Trump Syria ISIS etc-I thought I would just give a few quotes from SLF to show how we get on over there: Barca Des-" I might not agree with your view but I...
  12. S

    Forum adverts

    Now I keep getting adverts for chainsaws along the top of the screen when viewing TLF What the hells that all about?
  13. S

    Book forum?

    Is there a readers forum where we can suggest good reads? Having just read a really good book I feel that others would appreciate I wondered if there already was a forum for this. If so what is the title? Thanks
  14. bickern

    A Moderator is also a forum member

    Not all members are treated the same nor are they perceived the same. For instance it is presumed that Mollag and Des have a rapport, therefore they are not meaning malice to one another, they are taking the p**s, but if Mollag or Des treat or said the same things they say to each other to say a...
  15. yalimart

    Ultra slow forum pages

    Anyone else having problems with the forum running extremely slow ? Martin
  16. B

    Has anybody on the forum got 20miilion to spare

    West Heslerton: Entire village goes up for sale for £20m - BBC News I know I haven't. Bill.
  17. immac

    Safety of Forum Members

    I worry about the content of some posts. More accurately, I worry about the careless insults aimed at the Turkish President. Today we have his image morphing into that of Hitler. Regular insults are aired presumably by those who feel distant from the society we discuss on this forum For anyone...
  18. W

    New member to the forum

    First of all I would like to thank you for accepting my membership to this forum. My name is mark aged 49 and born and bred in England. I am hoping to retire on a military pension at 55 and Turkey is my number one choice of places to move to. I love turkey and it's culture especially Alanya...
  19. Q

    Hello everyone! New to the forum (and a question)

    Hello all! I'm new to the forum. I recently moved to Turkey on account of my husband and joined this forum to get a better idea of the cultural side here (as I'd never visited prior to moving here). I'm half Turkish but, honestly, have never really been around tons of Turkish people as I used...
  20. D

    New to forum

    Hi everyone, I have been viewing the forum as we are thinking of buying a holiday property in Dalyan area. Just would like any info on Sunray Property estate agents in Dalyan they have a couple of properties we are interested in. Having read a lot of warnings on this site so we are very wary of...
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