1. S

    Turkish Lira & the forthcoming referendum

    do you think the forthcoming election will affect the lira rate, its about time it dropped, sue
  2. T

    Koycegiz Forthcoming Events - Aug / Sept

    Koycegiz will be hosting the forthcoming summer events ;- 24th - 30th August --- 8th Annual Film Festival 01st - 03rd September --- 2nd Annual Street Festival To book a stand between 24th Aug and 03rd Sept call 05059282975 for further details
  3. P

    Our forthcoming visit to Apollonium [Club la Costa]

    my first thread/posting... As we plan to visit the above, I would very much appreciate the following information please: 1. Any local places that are a 'must' to visit 2. A local map [web link would be good] - google earth is a little out of date as always and cannot even be certain where the...
  4. ceemac

    Forthcoming Election

    This is a question I suppose particularly for those of you resident in Turkey ; What's the feeling 'on the ground' at the moment with the election in two days - is there a tension, nervousness, more police and army visible, or are things just continuing normally? C
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