1. keny

    ikamet resident application forms

    Can Anyone help? I am trying to access where I can fill in the residency forms online and print off. I can't find a site to do this?
  2. T

    Five forms of "Nere"

    Five forms of the question "WHERE" [NERE] NERE : This is a singular root of the question "Where" and it is rarely used without ending. Burası nere ? ---> Where is here ? * Although it should be "neresi", you may hear people using it without ending in questions like that. NEREDE : " In ...
  3. G

    Let us condemn ALL forms of Terrorism!

    As a Muslim I am frequently queried about my views on Terrorism and I am always happy to condemn it roundly, as the inviolability of life is a corner stone in Islam. Terrorism is also one of the worst forms of oppression, the ULTIMATE SIN in my religion so for me there is no ambiguity. However...
  4. Firebrand

    Forms of address for females

    Here goes my first Turkish lesson. Traditionally Turkish people will address others quite formally, adding in a title depending on the relative ages and formality of relationship. For females a little older than themselves they will probably use the term Abla which means older sister. For...
  5. Mushtaq

    2000+ Legal forms FREE

    Free Legal forms for all sorts of situations, might not be 'legal' in all countries but could be a good starting point in drafting your own versions. Categories include; Business Buying and Selling Borrowing and Lending Business Ventures Credit and...
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