1. Freedom 49

    Manavgat Forest Fire

    To say that we are cooking here in Side today would definately be an understatement. The forest is ablaze in Manavgat just 6kms from here and it's added something like 5C to our daytime temperature. It's very sad to think that once again, endless small animals will be killed, as well as the...
  2. Camden

    Forest Fire & Earthquake

    Translation......Forest fire authorities in Dalaman district of Muğla started and mobilized to Gocek. Many houses were evacuated while the black smoke covering the sky created a terrible image. Not helped by a earthquake of 3.7 magnitude. Forest fire in Muğla brought hearts to their mouths. The...
  3. Mushtaq

    Terrorist attack in Forest Hill or maybe not....

    There was an attack today but I didn't see the usual sort of posts or much coverage in the media, was it because the victim was Muslim and the attacker was non-Muslim? Another thing I noticed how the media has pixelated the attacker's face, but in other terrorist attacks they go out of their...

    The Enchanted Forest.

    Went to this place last week, it's in Pitlochry, Scotland. Took Georgia the granddaughter who will be 3 next week, can't believe 3 already. It was beautiful, the music, all the different lights shinning on the trees. There was globes dancing on the lakes, it was truly magical. It was very well...
  5. J

    deliktas appartment forest hills 2(rent)

    hi we currently looking to rent to non smoker in deliktas ,tasyaka ,its 3 bedrooms there is 2 x double beds (air con every room )2 sofa beds its at the top of 3 steep hills but buses do run , we have owned this for 4 years now and use as holiday home its really quiet place with nice neighbours...
  6. R

    Funky Forest- Is food any good

    been invited to funky forest and dont know of it, has anybody eaten there and what's your thoughts on the food there. Do you recommend anything in particular??
  7. T

    Green Forest Hotel, Hisaronu

    Hi, does anyone have a web address or telephone number for this hotel? Have looked around the web and not found any direct contact details. Many thanks
  8. E

    wildlife around lake and forest

    hi,im curious to whats to be found in area,repltiles animals ect ? are there pathways into forest towards flamingo country club direction,thanks
  9. arrian

    Notts Forest owner found dead

    Nigel Doughty death: Nottingham Forest owner found dead in his gym at home | Mail Online
  10. J

    Forest development / clearance

    The Akbuk major has protested about planned clearance of forest areas, (see Voices) has anyone any idea about where the planned development land is? (there has been quite a lot done near the French resort on the Bozbuk coast road in the last couple of years, is that the area?) I do know of...
  11. Sally-Ann

    Forest fires...that time of year again.

    I was kept awake on and off last night with the noise of the emergency helicopters tooing and froing between the ocean and the mountains at the back of my house (maybe the Seki area I think, near Side). Anyone living there have any further info? Having had no rain here yet this summer, our...
  12. N

    Green Forest Hotel

    Hı all I'm callıng on your collective knowledge of the area - Please don't laugh at me - my parents are vısıtıng and have booked a stay at the Green Forest Club hotel. They tell me they are located on the Kaya Village road about 200m out of Hısaronu but we have driven round in circles and...
  13. Valian

    Bring & Buy/Jumble Sale - Wed 14 Apr (tomw) at Funky Forest

    Spring Bring & Buy/Jumble Sale Wednesday 14th April - 11am-2pm Being held at Funky Forest (Tuntas Beach end of Altinkum) Please bring along any unwanted goods. Proceeds to Didim Friends of Animals
  14. SarahEsen

    Forest Clearing in Kayakoy/Hisaronu

    Has anyone noticed that between the road connecting Hisaronu and Kayakoy, that there is an awful lot of forest clearing going on? Yesterday while passing just past the cemetery, they have cleared a huge space. All the trees have gone. :dooh: This winter, Kayakoy suffered a flood, and we were...
  15. J

    Forest Glade Resort

    Hi Does anyone know where this resort is... Told 15 minute walk to sea front. Im am visiting in 2 weeks with a view to purchasing an appartment. Any information would be helpful...
  16. M

    Forest fire?

    Hi Everyone: I have just found out about the huge forest fire raging in Antalya and am hearing conflicting reports about how threatened Aspendos and the resort areas are. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Is the fire service at all close to containing the fire? ML
  17. M

    Club Seray Forest

    Hi does any one know if this hotel is still open ? We stayed there last year and year before but went to Club Julian Forest this year instead. I told by a friend who tried to book there this year it had closed , what happened?? :hmm:
  18. G

    Forest Fires

    Heard on the News yesterday that Forest Fires in Mersin have already claimed two lives. Does anybody have any further information? Lets hope they are soon under control and that no more lives are lost.
  19. A

    forest fire today

    Unfortunately we had a fire today It was in the mountains behind the Kervansaray Hotel and spread down to behind Cettia hotel and Sayar aparts. 5 helicopters were working in the end.3 pouring on the water and 2 continually circling the area.Plus all the fire brigades and the poor council workers...
  20. Gill

    reluctant to save the forest?

    Whilst searching for info on the bodrum forest fire I came upon this about development in Bozbuk forest area - it might be of interest to someone Gill
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