1. V

    Sandstorm forecast

    Has anyone heard any more about the sandstorm forecast to possibly hit Alanya? I saw this (sorry link is in Turkish).
  2. juco

    Minute rain weather forecast

    I found this an interesting weather site that gives a rain forecast by the minute, I have found it to be quite accurate to within a couple of minutes, ideal for washing or a bit of gardening etc. More accuracy is gained by entering your postcode. It is based on radar images. Manchester Minute...
  3. Kingfisher

    UKIP shippng forecast
  4. shirleyanntr

    scouse weather forecast

    dont watch if you are at all sensitive to ******* words Scouse Weather Forecast - YouTube
  5. P

    15 day weather forecast

    according to acu weather the fortnight we are out in Yalikavak ( 9 - 24 June)the 15 day weather forecast has rain and cloud cover for at least 7 of the 14 days we are out there. :dooh: does anybody have any experience or thoughts as to how accurate these long range weather forecasts are. here...
  6. A

    Rain is forecast

    The Belediye are warning that rain is on its way and they are asking drivers to take care. We have an interesting combination of factors. 1. Following many weeks without rain and the resultantbuild up of oil and grease on the roads. 2. The İftar rush-hour. 3. The advanced driving skills of...
  7. jandj

    Long range weather forecast

    About this time last year, people were warned about the summer weather and very high temperatures were predicted. The forecast was proved correct. So far the weather appears to be very mixed, and I wondered if anyone has any idea what the locals are predicting for this year.
  8. pembelu

    weather forecast websites

    forecasts = i didnt know if to open a new thread or add to the weather thread or maybe its been covered before but what websites do people use in any language to get fairly accurate weather reports for Mugla region/ turkey. I notice many vary & i wondered which site seems most professional &...
  9. juco

    UK house price forecast?

    Anyone got any factual information on how the UK house prices are likely to move in the next year? Are they likely to move up or down or remain static? By what %. If for example they were to move down by 10% in the next year, is a seller better to sell at 10% below todays value and move on...
  10. juco

    Earthquake forecast

    It will be interesting to see if this forecast transpires... Turkey 'Western Region' within ≈350 km of Usak, Turkey, Lat 38.68 Lon 29.4 Size M3.8-M5.8 expected about Nov 10+/-3 days
  11. CJD

    Good weather forecast Site We've found it to be quite accurate and is used widely by the yachting fraternity, broken into windspeed, rainfall, and cloud cover theres a nice animation button to
  12. v6cod

    Turkish Weather Forecast

    There is a link here to the Turkish Meteorological Service Marina Forecast System. Just click on the Marina of your choice to get the forecast. It seems pretty good.
  13. Andywebb

    Turkey Weather Forecast

    Have just been reading the Turkish Daily News and came across this weather programme from the Turkish Weather Service. Hover over the region and you should see the temps in that area.
  14. peter the postie

    Aydin weather forecast

    Here's a good link for long range forecasts
  15. Andy

    Weather Where You Are

    Southern England Weather. Very Windy with some damage, lots of rain and still quite cool for May 17c. :18:
  16. VWBug

    The daily weather forecast

    How is the weather now??
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