1. T

    USA - Oregon Rebels Against Federal Forces!

    Just what the heck is going on in the American States?? Land Grab by Federal authorities Opposed by residents! "What started Saturday as a rally supporting two local ranchers led to a broader anti-government protest and now the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building near...
  2. suzyq

    Qatar To Join US Forces In Turkey To Fight ISIL

    Qatar is set to join the U.S-led coalition’s air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from Turkey, according to Turkish sources, as France is also considering participating in the war against the jihadists. The sources told daily Hürriyet improvement was achieved in...
  3. B

    Armed Forces Day.

    I think that many people will get behind our our Armed Forces on this well deserved day. I just hope that all events pass off peacefully. Bill.
  4. Spurs

    EU Forces?

    Could this be the start of EU Forces which the UK have on the face of it been rejecting? The Libyan Government have rejected the plans & are asking for arms...............when I say they have rejected it, they have as yet not even officially been approached with it. EU draws up plans for...
  5. N

    Victim of property fraud in Turkey and want to join forces?

    Many times it has been said that we need to join forces to get our voices heard. Ive read on here threads from people who have independently written, faxed and phoned everyone and anyone they think could help only for us all to get the same result - no one answers our letters. But what about...
  6. B

    Armed Forces Day.

    BBC News - Stirling leads Armed Forces Day celebrations across UK Congratulations to all those taking part in today's celebrations,commemorating all those who have served in the past and those serving at the moment, we owe them a lot...
  7. bickern

    Personnel in the Turkish Armed Forces

    The General Staff announced statistics showing the number of personnel in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) as of June 2014 on Monday. The total personnel count of the institution stands at 670,851 according to statistics posted on the TSK's website. The numbers include 343 generals and...
  8. bickern

    Turkish special forces fail to smash their way into house in dawn raid

    Red-faced Turkish special forces fail to smash their way into house in dawn raid… then end up having to knock and ask to come in. Gaffe was caught on camera and has now been posted on the internet Eventually an elderly man in a vest opened the door to the squad Wearing balaclavas and carrying...
  9. B

    Armed Forces Millies.

    I watched a lovely programme on ITV last night. A night of recognition for outstanding acts by our Forces personnel and their families. The families of those serving in the Forces often get forgotten, but last nights programme gave them much deserved publicity. A night that made me proud to be...
  10. B

    Armed Forces weekend

    What a great weekend for our Armed Forces, the unveiling of the Memorial to the veterans of Bomber Command, Armed Forces Day, and the most seriously wounded surviving soldier who served in Afghanistan managing to carry the Olympic Torch. A very moving and touching weekend all round. My thanks...
  11. Firebrand

    Syrian forces open fire into Turkey

    I know that this has been included on the other Syrian thread, but I think it deserves a thread in its own right. (Unfortunately my computer no longer allows me to paste links to relevant stories on the web). At least two people have died after people crossing the border into Turkey were shot...
  12. RedBloodedHound

    The Poppy Appeal

    For those that need and deserve our help; You can help our heroes live life to the full - give to the Poppy Appeal today - The Poppy Appeal :ukflag:
  13. bickern

    Banners advertising Armed Forces Day removed after complaints they ‘glorify the war i

    Promotional banners advertising Armed Forces Day celebrations in Andover, Hants has been banned after concerns they were 'glorifying the war in Afghanistan'. Test Valley Borough Council have removed five adverts situated by roundabouts after just five people complained. The £400 banners...
  14. D

    CNN:10 dead as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid convoy

    Piracy! News is just coming in about an act of piracy in international waters undertaken by Israelis against a Turkish cargo ship.
  15. ceemac

    Armed Forces Websites

    For those of you with an interest, here's the websites (in English), of the Turkish Armed Forces; Turkish Army Turkish Navy Turkish Air Force Turkish Gendarme Turkish Coast Guard Turkish General Staff War Colleges Command C ps The Navy website appears to be unavailable at the moment but...
  16. irishmatelot

    Armed Forces Day 2009

    Hi all Just wanted to alert people to Armed Forces Day on June 27th 2009...the first one! Don't want to be too political but as someone who has spent a short time as a reserve in the Navy and with a partner and friends who are also in the Navy I will be supporting the events of the week...
  17. bickern

    Forces Reunited the British Armed Forces Community

    This is a cut and paste from Forces Reunited the British Armed Forces Community Red Friday Last week I was in West London attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed...
  18. R

    Israeli forces enter Gazza

    All the major news channels covering live the Isreli ground forces entering Gazza. Does not seem to be large numbers of troops at present but a lot of explosions can be seen in the city.... Cheers Dave ..
  19. david & emma

    Armed Forces.

    Emmas brother is currently in the armed forces and as been instructed that one of the places they cannot holiday is Turkey whilst serving? Does anybody know if when he as served his time in the army if he will be able to invest in property in Turkey as property over here is so expensive? Will...
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