1. S

    Can U Get Premierhip Footy On D-Smart

    Please some one help. Looking to get a Satelite package, but really need to have UK premiership football, Do we plump for Digiturk or D-smart. Thank You
  2. N


    what a result birmingham v chelsea birmingham 1 chelsea 0
  3. Yogi

    Another Footy question

    Another one for you Brainy folk out there? Can you name the highest scoring player in the Premiership for each letter of the alphabet? (surnames)
  4. mollag

    UK footy jokes, gorra be stacks of em!

    South Africa police have been concerned about drug dealers, thieves and drug fiends during the world cup - A spokesman announced that things should improve when John Terry and his family go home! Osama bin Laden has just released a new TV message to prove he is still alive. He said that the...
  5. P

    Five-a-side footy to keep fit

    Hi All, Im brand new to this forum, so Hello my names Paul, Im 34 and currently living in Wigan counting down the days till we get over there. Me and my girlfriend are moving to Ovacik/Fethiye on the 29th July. I was wondering do any of you guys play football over there, maybe five-a-side or...
  6. henryozalp

    Local footy team in Altinkum

    Does anyone know of any local footy teams (for teenagers) in the Altinkum area? My son is a keen footballer and played for Yorkshire Amateurs and Tingley Athletic back in the UK. He'd really like to start playing again. Does anyone know if Vallier school has a footy team also?
  7. martin m

    footy quiz

    Hi all just a bit of fun, Does any one know any more football teams that are mentioned in the BIBLE other than these, SPURS :Isiah 41:7 SPURS on him who strikes the anvil. Wolves : Mathew 7:15 they are as ferocious as Wolves. Queen of the South :Luke 11:31 Queen of the south will rise at the...
  8. cnapes

    local footy teams

    Does anybody know of any local footy teams to join out there close to altinkum? after all think it would be good to mix english football and turkish football! Is it me or is this site (tlf) addictive? :)
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