1. S

    Very rare footage- Belfast in 1901

    An amazing clip of city life filmed from a horse drawn tram going through Belfast in 1901 Video: Rare footage of 1901 tram ride down Belfast's Royal Avenue -
  2. millilove76

    Warning Contains some Graphic Footage

    Many of you may be sick of some of the Kurdish threads that come onto the forum. More or less its always the same members commenting on them and it's often the same arguements. I sometimes get messages from members that just dont get the issues but take an interest as they are now in Turkey. The...
  3. majestic12

    new stabilized footage of JFK being shot by his driver

  4. merlin

    Turkey Shocked by TV Footage of Child Abuse....

    Inquiries are launched after apparent scenes of maltreatment at a government orphanage. The Turkish parliament Thursday launched an investigation into reports of abuse at a state-run orphanage, the latest in a string of allegations of physical and sexual violence at such facilities that have...
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