1. T


    Does anybody know where I can buy meat like pork and properly hung lamb/beef etc? I'm in the Fethiye region. Thanks for your help.
  2. Lindy

    Tips on the types of essential foodstuffs to buy

    Hi it would be useful if anyone could provide tips on what types of essential foodstuffs to buy e.g. milk, butter etc. and what brands, Turkish names etc. I am sure it is a process of trial and error, which many members have already gone through. Many thanks Linda :)
  3. A

    Inporting foodstuffs

    Hi, I wasn't going to post this question but the more i thought about the more i realised i didn't have a 'scooby do' (Clue) as to the answer. So...can we take in food like Bacon,sausages and Ham? I would only be taking in enough for a few weeks and not shipping it in by the Pig load.
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