1. M

    News UK New Food Tax

    I hear today that the government is considering a new tax on food - that is the foods that contain sugar and salt. I assume this means already processed foods, which must therefore include bread. This tax is supposed to put money into the NHS to deal with people needing treatment for having...
  2. bickern

    29 must-try Turkish street foods!

    A couple or so new ones on me but definately have to agree with most of them. Top 29 must-try Turkish street foods Yummy yummy!
  3. Jaycey

    Health Foods that aren’t good for you

    "Most people say that they want to eat healthier. It's a beautiful — and fairly new — thing. The problem is that most of us don't know how. But the next time you take a stroll down your grocery's “health food” aisle, take note: Most of what you're looking at likely doesn't belong there...
  4. T

    Back to Basics! Preserving Foods :)

    Sugar! sugar! everywhere!!! :( The solution is so damned simple! Ban &/or reduce significantly the amount they allow them to put in our foods :( Silly me.... of course that will adversely effect the profits of both the Sugar Industry & Food Suppliers who's foodstuffs, without the horrendous...
  5. keny

    Heinz foods in Turkey

    Can you buy Heinz foods in supermarkets, i.e. salad creams, various tinned soups etc/Thank if you can help.
  6. A

    Toxic Mc Donald's foods

    If you need another reason to kick the junk food habit this should do it. A Utah man has unearthed a McDonald's hamburger he bought in 1999 - and the sandwich looks exactly the same as the day it was first flipped. David Whipple kept the fast food meal for a month to show friends how the...
  7. jaimie

    baby foods

    Hi Everybody, Just a quickie. Does anyone know if I can get Heinz "mum's own recipe" baby food anywhere near Akbuk (even the Kipa at Soke would do), basically it's just Heinz products and SMA first infant milk. This is for our grandaughters visit over in late June, trouble is I'm a little out...
  8. pineapple1

    Migrain? Avoid these foods !

    Just been reading this on the news .... Looks like a new diet for me next week ... Diane 27 Foods That Can trigger Migraines - Migraine
  9. Sunny Seasider

    What's your Favourite Winter Foods

    I am just on with making a Sausage Casserole, and got to thinking, just what are my favourite Winter Comfort Foods?, and for me it has to be good wholesome casseroles. I tend to go for Lamb Casserole, Chunky Vegetable Soup, adding smoked bacon lardons to it. I also know our tastes have, over the...
  10. newhorizon

    Do Diet drinks (and Diet Foods) make you Fatter?

    I'm sure some of you may have seen the recent news article floating around at the moment regarding a Study carried out in the U.S. which has an increasing obesity problem and health-related issues on: diet drinks and obesity. They did a study on 1500 people and the results found those that...
  11. B

    lazy cow foods

    Was wondering if anyone has ever ordered food from this company while in yaliakavak and if it is good quality was thinking of trying it when im over for lazy nights in :hungry:
  12. R

    What are you 5 favourite meals- foods?

    Hello My favourite meals are the following 1= Chinese food- prawns with fresh tomato or chicken with stir fried veggies with boiled rice. I have a Chinese take out about once a week. Normally treat my nanny to one. I do sometimes cook Chinese food too. 2= Kebabs- I have a take out up the road...
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