1. A

    A comprehensive list of on-line food shops ..

    This lists all the web sites for specializes food and drink in Turkey ... Ankara: Where to find Special food items - Made Easier Guides - Turkey ... x As at 4th December 2020 - to Angela, from Angela x ...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Food standards

    I know that some people are concerned about US food standards coming to the UK post Br****, such as chlorinated chicken. I thought it would be useful to have somewhere to discuss it. I love this one, Subway do not use bread in their sandwiches...
  3. N

    Dubai free food delivery

    This is how dubai,s government is encouraging people to stay put Free groceries for everyone
  4. immac

    Health Food Shop (Fethiye Area)?

    Is there a health food shop in or around Fethiye? Google just throws back shops that say they sell healthy food. Chemists seem to sell a small range of tablets or drinks, but a bit hit and miss, with generally small stock/choice. I can buy on-line, but I would like to browse. In particular, I...
  5. A89

    Food poisoning from Dim Çayı.

    Regulars here may have noticed I've been very quiet here lately. I was rushed into hospital last week after getting a very bad case of food poisoning. I had to give a list of all foods I'd eaten in the previous 48 hours to the hospital that treated me & they worked out that it could only have...
  6. K

    Food Deserts in UK

    This quite shocking report shows up the lack of decent fresh food available in some areas of UK. I cannot imagine there is a similar situation here in Turkey, even though wages are lower and times are difficult...
  7. V

    50%off pet food

    Until 4 October there is 50% off all pet foods at Migros and their other companies including Kipa and Macrocenter. A good time to stock up for your pets and any animal shelter donations.
  8. G

    Re: Food colouring

    Re: Food colouring Hi there, I wonder if anyone out there can help me please? We've been looking for food colouring around the Manavgat/Side area and can't find it anywhere. We've also looked in Macro in Terra City and even they didn't have any! You can get coloured icing but not actual...
  9. E

    50% off pet food

    The yearly discount of pet food starts this Thursday and continues until 4th October.
  10. I

    Pet Food made in Turkey

    Hi everyone, What dry food brand made in Turkey do you recommend for dogs and or for cats? thank you
  11. A

    what food can you take in hand luggage

    Hi going to bodrum via Bristol airport and wondered are you allowed to take cheddar cheese in hand luggage and also tinned food ie corned beef not any tins with liquid inside. Thanks art2
  12. Akasya

    Turkish food in Pakistan

    This caught my jaundiced eye... Personally i consider Turkish food as bland and uninteresting , 1001 ways to cook a kebab and they all look and taste the same... Weeklong Turkish food festival begins in Pakistan...
  13. S

    Urgent -Homemade food supply required

    The big girl returns to Ireland this week leaving me abandoned and hungry for next few weeks here in Spain Now our established routine for such occurrences in Turkey was she would make and freeze many dinners prior to her return to the Emerald Isle which she put in plastic boxes in my freezer...
  14. hijo

    Discount on pet food at Migros

    ...... 30 % discount on pet food in Migro,s ......
  15. hijo

    half price pet food..

    ...... Half price pet food in Migros until 12 October,i expect the same all over Turkey)
  16. J

    indian food

    hello everyone just an update after my return from alanya I have some good news to share as I have found a place in mahmutlar near clock tower so watch this space in march next year when I plan to launch a menu in the meantime if people can suggest what kind of food they miss from home or would...
  17. Helenm150

    Yearly inflation rate of food and non-alcoholic prices in Turkey

    "It is evident that Turkey’s food prices were on a constant steady rise between the years 2003–2015. In the twelve year period food prices in the world have seen % 69.5 increase, as for Turkey % 195 as of August 2016. When we look at this year alone food prices in Turkey have risen % 7.8 as for...
  18. Billy Joe

    Food banks to be Job Centres.

    Thats effed it,the work shy won't be able to go cap in hand for their freebies. Job advisers placed in food banks, Iain Duncan Smith reveals - BBC News
  19. paddington bear

    Half price pet food

    Migros (and probably other large supermarkets) are doing half price pet food and dog treats. Migros started today and finishes on the 12th October, I stocked up on dog and cat food to the tune of 204 tl and will be going back for more !!!! This is for world animal day which is on the 4th...
  20. T

    Favorite Turkish Food

    Merhaba all, My name is Cenk, I moved from Istanbul to the US last year. One thing that has been driving me crazy is how hard it is to find my favorite Turkish foods here. This gave me an idea, I’m bringing in a bunch of my favorite foods from Turkey and sending them out to people every month -...
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