1. gam101

    Hello Folks!

    Newbie in Turkey here! :robot: Hello to all, or rather, Merhaba! I'm contemplating moving my family from Kuwait to Turkey, and I would appreciate any help for all future posts. This site is awesome & whoever was its brainchild: THANK YOU!
  2. bickern

    They're coming folks!

    Volvo: First autonomous fully electric bus SINGAPORE: Volvo has unveiled its first autonomous fully electric bus designed for passenger use, which is to undergo trials on the Nanyang Technological University campus. The Volvo 7900 Electric bus is equipped with sensors and navigation controls...
  3. TNT123

    Good Mornıng Folks.

    Hi There. It's with great pleasure for me (probably not for one or two) that I am back on TLF. These last months or so have been very different without TLF in my morning routine. First, let me say that Mushtaq was quite right in banning me for my insulting outburst on the thread about the...
  4. T

    Check Your Chocolate Folks!

    Mars are re-calling some products across 55 country's after plastic was found in some; full details in link: "The products recalled were all made at a factory in Veghel, in the southern Netherlands, and then exported abroad, the AFP news agency reports. A piece of red plastic was found in a...
  5. bickern

    Just a reminder folks.

    Just a reminder folks. 1- The #1 rule is to show respect for all members. 2- Negative remarks based on race, ethnicity, or religion will not be tolerated. The use of amusing banter is one thing, insulting a member directly is not amusing. Homophobic posts are not welcome as they will...
  6. D

    Folks on forums

    I think this is very true [The Old Groaner] Fear and loathing on the net - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news
  7. K

    Any folks around Yalikavak this coming Jan-Feb?

    Hi there to all my new friends on TL. Karen here. Well, was last in Yalikavak in July/August and now I have managed to get a Jan/Feb stay arranged. So, it would be great if I might meet up with any of you in the area during those months. I will be looking to go out of town and explore other...
  8. C

    Hello Folks

    Yes we are back in Dalaman, how nice to see all the brits smiling faces we have decided to spend the summer in Dalaman now Charly is well again,he is sorting out his moped to get bread and milk from Migros like he used to do, surprising in such a short space of time how things change roads shops...
  9. C

    Hello folks

    We are so pleased seeing all the brits in Dalaman,market Harry wanted to say hello but his twich started playing him up and got shy, still at least we got to the market, we are using the new old moped Harry reckons we have been conned as it is made from about 30 diffrent machines still it goes...
  10. bickern

    Well what do you think folks. firefighters sent to save cat Five appliances from three different stations were dispatched by Suffolk Fire Service to save the tortoiseshell tabby from the top of a Victorian semi-detached house in Leiston. Two of the crews were sent from Bury St Edmunds, 100km (60...
  11. B

    Hiya folks.

    My name is Bette and I have been a lurker for a long time. I am divorced, :biggrin: retired, :5: and have one grown up child. :music: I have a holiday home in Altinkum. This is a very informative and interesting forum, hope to be able to contribute when I get used to it all. :lol:
  12. John O' Dreams

    Hiya folks

    I have a place in Altinkum which I've been visiting quite regularly over the last few years, although I doubt if I'll have time to get there this year. So I'm thinking, if I can't get there I'll bring a bit of it to me here. I've visited the forum on and off over the last couple of years and...
  13. P

    hi folks

    ive been on the site for quite a while but havent posted untill now quite a bit gone on in my life recently and a few changes , but ive been over to turkey and stayed in mahmutlar i love the country and the more time i spend in turkey the more id like to retire there , some of the properties the...
  14. Phill

    hi folks.

    Hello everyone my name is Phill married to Maddie and we live in Akbuk. We have actually lived here for 16 months but have had our villa for five years. I am an Ex prison officer and my wife was an ambulance driver. We came from Kent to make a permanant home here. So far we are enjoying the...
  15. stephenbrown

    Hi Folks,does this sound familiar

    Just been looking through a few of the Articles...I bought a villa in Belek area of Antalya in Feb 2006,Myself and the family had gone there in 04 and 05 to play golf and fell in love with the place and the much so that we just had to buy a place. As most of us do...we...
  16. Iain D

    Hello folks

    Hi all, My name is Iain , I am from Edinburgh and am considering purchasing a holiday home on the Bodrum peninsula in the next couple of years with a view to (hopefully) moving out permanently sometime in the future. Been visiting Turkey quite regularly over the last 15 years, am staying in...
  17. B

    Hi Folks!!!

    Just to introduce ourselves to u all!! We are Brian and Jenny and we are moving to Altinkum in May!! Finding the prospect exciting but also a bit scary! Also finding it sad to say goodbye to so many people who we have known for years and in particular, our son. However, we are also looking...
  18. K

    Hi Folks Im New

    Hello there, I have decided to use this board now as my main discussion about Turkey ,especially the Kusadasi ,Davutlar,Guzelcamli area. I up until now used another forum but due its dictatorial views regarding what can be said and not said,i have decided to stop posting there. I believe a...
  19. peter the postie

    Here comes Motown Volume 2 folks :)

    Glad people are making use of this. I am off to Altinkum tomorrow (10th sept) so the next volume won't be uploaded for a couple of weeks. Following on from the previous thread and comments made, I have decided to pull the link I originally posted here. Sorry guy's.
  20. ukizook

    Hi folks

    Talk about jumping in at the Deep-end? Im Steven and went to Turkey with my partner Sheila, 2 weeks ago for the first time. We stayed in Gumbet and "Somehow" :) ended up viewing a few properties, one in particular stood out in Gumusluk? the result being we are flying out again this sat to...
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