1. juco

    Cilla Black burglary foiled.

    She must have had an even numbered house.
  2. skydog

    AL-Q Foiled

    Israel and Stuff ยป Al-Qaeda Plot to Bomb U.S. Embassy & Synagogue Foiled by Turkish Police
  3. ZiaCa'

    Assassination Attempt on Pastor Foiled

    Well done to the police for foiling this attempt to assassinate a Turkish Christian Pastor Police break up plot to assassinate Turkish pastor
  4. John LeNeve

    Iranian plot foiled

    I know that this has been mentioned on other threads but today the US announced a threat that had been stopped by the nation of Iran against the US and it's allies. There has been a lot of discussion about negotiating with Iran and treating them as a member of the international community in...
  5. peter the postie

    Terrorism plot in the UK foiled

    Well it's absolutely pitiful what these bastards will stoop to isn't it? .. A plot to blow up transatlantic flights (as many as 10) using liquid explosives in fizzy drinks bottles!!
  6. merlin

    Al-Qaeda attack foiled as 400kg of TNT found in Alanya!

    Following on from this earlier story of 4 ships being refused entry in Alanya, the full story has now come out that it was Al-Qaeda related. See here for yourself! Merv! Turkish security forces prevented a mass attack the al-Qaeda terrorist group intended launching against Israeli tourists...
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