1. MiddleEarth

    Old/New Foça Information Please

    We plan to travel to the Izmir area in the next few weeks and would like to contact anyone with information about New/Old Foça. Any residents of the area who would like to share cost of living such as groceries and eating out, seasonal, as well as, long-term rentals, quality of life such as size...
  2. N

    Help - info needed about Foça near Izmir

    Has anyone been Foca near Izmir and what is it like. How do we get to it from Marmaris?
  3. jandj

    Yeni Foca Canine Choral Society

    Like most Turkish villages and cities, Yeni Foca has its stray dogs. We have an unusual group!! At each end of day and each start of day "calling to prayer", our dogs sing in time with the Iman (tape). When the tape pauses, the dogs pause. When the tape starts again, the dogs start again. When...
  4. jandj

    Eski Foca

    Todays Daily Mail carries an article on Eski Foca's holiday resort Turkey family holidays: Why Neilson's active hoildays are great for all the family | Mail Online doesnt mention the town much, but an interesting read
  5. T

    hotels in cesme or Foca

    we are flying to Altinkum next Monday and during out stay thought we would drive north this time. (we usually drive to Olu Deniz) and looking for ideas and a cheapish but nice hotel with a few bars around etc thanks
  6. D

    anyone going to eski foca this summer?

    i get marrooned in eski for most of the summer-anyone fancy a meet up-the wife will come too-of course--give anyone an excuse to come see the place!
  7. ceemac

    Foça, an ode to the Aegean's beauty

    As the sound of the engine rings in our ears, we head toward the Siren Rocks mentioned by the ancient Greek poet Homer. The Aegean wind and the smell of the sea hit our face as we pass by İncir Ada (Fig Island), taking away every feeling of fatigue left from winter. Here C
  8. L

    Looking to find friends in Eski Foca

    :high5:Hey there! I just moved to Eski Foca with my husband and 8 yr old son from San Francisco. Can't get over how similar the weather is here! I would love to form a women's group in this sleepy town. It is making ME sleepy! I need to WAKE UP! Not sure what we could even do, other than sit...
  9. jandj

    Yeni Foca visitors

    Each night 2 foxes come to see what we are up to. They are so thin and we believe that the parents were killed in the Foca forest fire.
  10. jnj

    Yeni Foca

    I would be realy grateful for any information on Yeni Foca. I am going there in October to look at some Aris properties. It looks a delightful village with outstanding views, but if anyone can help us with more info, it would be great. Thanks
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