1. IbrahimAbi

    Flying in a pandemic

    I flew Pegasus Antalya to Istanbul, Istanbul to Manchester, then 4 hours later Jet2 Manchester to Antalya, and all so that I can continue to drive here. No temperature checks, no magazines or brochures with Pegasus. Magazines and duty free guide on Jet 2, all being pawed by the passengers. I did...
  2. S

    Flying to Bodrum

    Just wondering whether anyone has flown from the UK to Turkey recently (or made the return trip) and has any good or bad experiences to share. Having had three previous trips cancelled this year I'm hopeful of traveling out to Bodrum in 3 1/2 weeks and would be interested in finding out what's...
  3. yalimart

    The new way of flying

    We flew with Qatar out of Edinburgh to Thailand back in February just as the Covid was moving west, we noticed the difference in approach to the issue at Doha, temperature testing on arrival before we went into the lounge, lots of staff and passengers wearing masks, experience tells me that even...
  4. A

    Any sailplane flying clubs near Istanbul?

    To all pilots.. Is there a sailplane flying club near Istanbul and can you rent a plane there? I have my license and i really want to fly near the Bosporus or Black Sea. I looked in the skies there but i never saw a sailplane, not even a modelplane.
  5. tomc1984

    Flying Newcastle to Bodrum

    Just discovered there will no longer be any direct flights from newcastle to bodrum after this season. Both Thomas Cook and Jet2 appear to have pulled out, been confirmed by TC but seems same with Jet 2.
  6. J

    Flying Scotsman

    I'm not a train spotter but for anyone old enough to remember the Flying Scotsman and similar steam engines this is happy news. I believe public services are available from the end of February for anyone interested.
  7. stmary

    extra luggage , flying turkish airlines

    Hi , we are moving to Turkey on the 5th Dec , flying with Turkish airlines , it says 1 case 20 kilo and one 8 kilo hand luggage free for each person. But we have got 2 extra cases weighing around 20 kilo each , will they let us on with them , we are willing to pay the extra allowances . hope...
  8. bickern

    For all bird lovers (flying kind) - Love it

    For all bird lovers (flying kind).
  9. Mag

    Flying London to Bodrum - Best airport.

    Hi folks, We are going to a concert in o2 Arena London on 1st June next. Looking to travel on wards to Bodrum next day. Have decent Ryanair return fares from Dublin to London, but just wondering what is best airport to fly from London to Bodrum? I want to exclude Heathrow as that place is a...
  10. L

    Monarch not flying to Bodrum from Luton

    Just had confirmation that Monarch Airlines will not be flying to Bodrum from Luton Airport. The flight I had booked for April 2015 was cancelled last night. Not much choice from the Southern part of the UK now to fly direct to Bodrum, any time of the year. Real shame as it may be another nail...
  11. Spurs

    Taking & flying away?

    So the questions are, who has them & what for? Aircraft missing from Libya's Tripoli airport could be used in terror attacks ahead of 9/11 anniversary | Metro News
  12. N

    flying pet dog to turkey

    Hi All, I plan to take my pet dog Nelson ( english cocker spaniel ) to Istanbul in may from Dublin Ireland . I have pet passport rabies etc, He is 17kg lol crate weight unknown yet. would anyone have an idea of cost per kg to fly him with Turkish Airlines and if there are any hidden extra...
  13. L

    Flying in next week, anyone for Tennis?

    Hi, I'm across next week for 8 weeks, any1 fancy a game of Tennis or they like to go fishing let me know please. I'm interested in most sports, so please let me know of anything that is happening. Is there a camera club in altinkum pls too? Cheers Lisa
  14. shirleyanntr

    flying cockroaches

    ugh..i hate these things and there seems to be more around this month..has anybody else noticed we have all windows and doors open all night and this morning i found one on its back near the kitchen balcony was barely alive but it frightened the life out of was huge, long and...
  15. gally

    Flying Horse

    Hi Can anyone tell me the Flying Horse phone number please? Does anyone know if they do free transport as we have a group of around 14? Thanks for any info. :3:
  16. RachelAlicia93

    Flying stansted to Dalaman via!!!

    Hi, I'm flying from Standsted to Dalaman on Sunday, I'm using Pegausus airlines which I have never used before, I'm taking off from stansted at 23.35 and landing at 5.15am in sabiha gorkcen airport, which i have never been too, and i have 1.15 hours to get to my next flight to Dalaman. I'm...
  17. Mushtaq

    Turkish Airline flying to Hurghada

    I just seen flights between Istanbul and Hurghada, flights from Turkey to Egyptian resorts have been non existent, you had to fly to Cairo and then take an internal flight. Turkish Airline have expanded their routes recently including flying to Gatwick, so lot more options now.
  18. D

    flying to uk

    Having looked at direct flights to Manchester in Sept I discovered flyin via Istanbul from bodrum was over £130 cheaper , during daylight snd meals on board. My only concern is transfer at airports. Anybody done this and where do you go through customes etc. Help old bugger like myself
  19. Tommie

    Flying lessons - Navigation

    Is navigation one of the topics required to gain a pilot's licence? Apparently, a Sumatran pilot got confused on his way to Indonesia and landed at the wrong airport! He landed at Tabing instead of Padang. More... Maybe he did not update his satnav.
  20. T

    Flying to Bodrum

    Hi all Can anyone help? does anyone know if it's possible to fly directly to Bodrum from UK between Nov and April? We've just bought a little place in Akbuk and it seems that we need to go to Istanbul and Change? makes it a long flight for a weekend. look forward to hearing from anyone. thanks
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