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    Holiday - fly-fishing advice

    Hiya, My boyfriend and I are thinking of going to turkey for a week at Christmas. He is a keen fly-fisherman and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best place to go trout fishing in Turkey. Or even if this is going to be possible in December! We can't afford any private fishing...
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    Flyfishing in Side

    Hey there guys and gals ellmull here :) I find myself in the gleefull position of looking forward to a holiday in Side in 2 weeks and ive decided that i will never forgive myself if i dont pack the trusty travel rod and have a crack. I thought id better ask ahead though and if anybody knows of...
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    Flyfishing around bodrum

    Hi all I am going to Bodrum in a week and have been trying to find some info on fly fishing in both sea and freshwater but there seems to be none available, also if anyone has any info on fishing in general in this area I would be very grateful if you could pass it on to me!
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