1. S

    Man Flu

    Have appalling flu since Thursday Havent slept for 3 days Taken all the over the counter crap - useless Any tips
  2. teosgirl

    Nigde suspected swine flu deaths

    I know a couple of our forum members live in the region so thought I'd share the news. I'm not trying to scaremonger. Please stay healthy everyone. Four suspected swine flu deaths reported in Turkey Charlotte
  3. S

    Flu jab.

    Had a flu inoculation at the chemist the other day as I normally do cost 12tl job done. However asked to get a pneumonia one as had a bought of it last year and was no joke. was told two types on that lasts 5 years cost 25 tl and another that lasts for life 160 tl...opted for the 25tl version...
  4. juco

    Flu vaccine

    Ministers are urging people not to be put off by failures of the flu vaccine last year. So they admit there are failures They say those who qualify for a free jab, or spray for children, should take up the offer this winter as it offers the most effective cover against flu. Based on failures...
  5. K

    Swine Flu in Dataca, Turkey

    I've been told today that we have two confirmed cases of swine flu in Datca, with one patient confirmed in intensive care in hospital. Has anyone else heard anything?
  6. yalimart

    Man Flu

    For 2 days now I have been suffering from the severest form of man flu, at one point it was touch and go if i'm honest, well tonight the crisis deepens. I have run out of cooking whisky for my honey and lemons, in the medicine cupboard I can only find a bottle of White and Mckays, nothing...
  7. Yalides

    Man flu does exist.

    Man flu does exist: Chaps 'run a higher temperature and feel rougher' when they are fighting off a bug | Mail Online But then us boys always knew that.....
  8. culturevulture

    Flu Vaccine in Turkey??

    Is it possible to get the Flu Vaccine at the drop-in clinics in Turkey>Didim, if you hold a Residency Permit, please? Mary.
  9. teosgirl

    Swine flu vaccine - the sad outcome

    Many people were vaccinated against swine flu and had no adverse reactions, yet so many across the world have experienced negative side effects - why are the drug companies trying to deny this? I decided not to vaccinate my daughters when it was offered at school last year after a tormenting...
  10. B

    Flu jab

    Can anyone advise us on where to get this done please. We are registered with a Turkish Doctor. Les
  11. djmagic

    man Flu

    Man Flu ... yes its real ladies.... and i have it right now in the uk... do you suffer from it what are yor cures or remadies for this worse kind of pain mother nature seems to only inflict on us poor men....:crying:
  12. Yalides

    Pandemic fear after woman catches Man Flu

    A woman from Stroud has caught Man Flu, prompting fears that women may have become susceptible to a new strain of the disease for the first time. Thirty-five-year-old Andrea Jennings complained of a sore throat and feeling 'a bit bunged up' and then instead of just struggling on regardless...
  13. Yalides

    Wine flu

    I awoke this morning not feeling well, with what could be described as flu-like symptoms; headache, nausea, chills, sore eyes, etc. From the results of some initial testing, I have unfortunately tested positive for what experts are now calling Wine Flu. This debilitating condition is very...
  14. jcrian

    Swine Flu over.....

    The swine flu pandemic is officially over,despite costing us over £1 billion. Total cases stand at 800,000 so far. Around the world, an estimated 14,000 deaths have been reported - a fraction of the number dying each year from ordinary flu. Swine flu panic over as national website and...
  15. N

    Man Flu

    OMG - man flu has hit our household big time - I'm in no doubt the poor chap is suffering from a very heavy head cold but come on ................... why the animal noises, sighs and woeful looks. He wont stay in bed and instead walks around the house with a puppy dog face spreading his germs...
  16. P

    Swine Flue Vaccine

    Just had my swine Flue vaccine. It was like mass production ! Should be interesting to see if there are any side effects. Pete
  17. Summertime


    The swineflu is now in Norway, and already 10 dead, compare to Sweden 2 dead and Denmark 0 dead. Nobody knows why. Is there any swineflu in Turkey? Do they do vaccinations? Just to be sure I had the vaccination last Thursday.
  18. pineapple1

    Have You Had Your Flu Jab ?

    I was wondering if anyones had thier flu jabs . Also some people on Holiday may not know its much cheaper in Turkey than Uk if you are not exempt . Only 18ytl . Much cheaper than remedys from the chemist for flu . I Paid for one at the poly clinic opp Grand Okan .It was a surprise present...
  19. ceemac

    Govt Unveil Swine Flu Measures

    In a bid to calm public concerns on the eve of the winter flu season and assure citizens that the government has taken all necessary precautions to prevent an H1N1 swine flu outbreak, a top health official in Turkey announced yesterday that there is no need to be alarmed and asked the public to...
  20. T

    Who is still worried about Swine Flu??

    All those worried about Swine Flu,Bird Flu,SARS,Terrorism etc etc Have a read of this latest news from China. Chinese Town Sealed Off After Plague Outbreak 5 hours 54 mins ago © Sky News 2009 Print Story A town of 10,000 people in north west China has been sealed off from the outside world...
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