1. bashful

    Flooding in Fethiye

    Looking at the TV today there is widespread flooding. The flood water is brown suggesting it is washing down from higher ground.
  2. S

    Istanbul flooding

    I've seen a lot of film over the last couple of days showing the flooding in Istanbul. It really does look grim and I sincerely hope they come through it alright. They seem to be just getting on with it and getting to work some even swimming. They have been advised that if they are short in...
  3. yalimart

    Bodrum Flooding

    For those who can view facebook, this was Bodrum last night, I think its by the bus station looking down towards the harbour https://www.facebook.com/esra.sevim.169/videos/10153558376996390/ Martin
  4. G


    We have been seeing a bit of news about significant flooding in Manavagat and Side. What is actualaly happening out there?
  5. H

    Basement flooding due to water table rising

    Does anybody know where I can get one of these, preferably in the Marmaris/Mugla/Dalaman/Bodrum area. ACO JuniorĀ® anti-flood backflow floor drain system - ACO Building Drainage - on ESI.info My basement tends to flood, only by an inch or so, when we have very heavy rain. I think that it comes...
  6. R

    damp and flooding problems

    does anyone know of a surveyor to check my ground floor apartment in kemer side ive had this problem from the first winter i bought apartment in 2009 but Ersa homes keep bodging it up rather than getting to the bottom of the problem i am at a loss of what to do next as they are refusing to do...
  7. H

    Flooding in Didim

    Hi everyone. I'm flying out to Altinkum in the next few weeks to house-hunt. I've been reading back issues of "Voices" about the dreadful weather Didim/Altinkum gets in winter i.e. the instances of flash floods. I've been told in the past to avoid Hunter's Valley (though had been told...
  8. N


    Just heard a rumour of severe weather in the Yalikavak area over the last 24 hrs., causing localised flooding. Can anybody confirm this? Thanks.
  9. M

    sunflower/apartment flooding

    Hi everyone had report from ORACLE that our apartment E5 was recently flooded following some recent storms.just wondering if any one else has had the same problem.JOHN/MARYCLARE
  10. S

    Flooding at Sunset Bay

    Is there anyone at Sunset Bay who can tell us if we have actually had flooding of the apartments please?? We have today had a general notification stating some apartments have been flooded, yet I pay the full Management Fee like others I am sure and not had any personal contact regarding my...
  11. P

    Awful flooding in UK

    Have just heard the radio news that there is awful flooding in parts of the UK especially Cumbria. Hope everyone is okay, can't think of worse than flood or fire.
  12. ceemac

    Flash Flooding

    Two people were killed and two others were injured after flash floods hit the northeast Turkish province of Artvin. At least three people are still missing. LiveLeak.com - Deadly Flash Floods Hit Northeast Turkey C
  13. KKOB

    Kaya Valley Flooding

    A bit of a flood in the Kaya Valley After the recent rains we've now got a bit of spare water in Kaya Koyu. There's over 30 inches of standing water on our land and all of the fields at the Kinali end of the valley are flooded. As it drains down the hills from Hisaronu and Ovacik we're...
  14. Andy

    Weather Where You Are

    Southern England Weather. Very Windy with some damage, lots of rain and still quite cool for May 17c. :18:
  15. Z

    roadworks, street lighting, flooding etc.

    Hi All, Glad to have joined to be able to discuss different things that might crop up anytime. Have recently bought an apartment with my partner in altinkum near to third beach, haven't moved in yet, still unfurnished.Recently it was brought to my attention that flooding during winter months can...
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