1. immac

    Will You Be Flooded?

    Here is a new app to show the effect of rising sea levels. Centre it on an area you are interested in, then adjust the scale on the top left. I am fine up to +40m, then I can park a boat outside my front door. Flood Maps Ian ps cover is world wide
  2. E

    Koycegiz Flooded

    Köyceğiz has taken a good battering the last few days so I have uploaded a few images. We lost electric and internet at one point because the river bank burst in quite a few places. Koycegiz Flooded It is a slide show so wait a few seconds for the next picture to appear. Lutfi
  3. Andy

    Flooded Britain

    Troops on flood alert as more rain comes Troops and lifeboat crews are on standby to assist if heavy rain brings more misery to flood-stricken communities. Military personnel have joined emergency services in some of the worst-hit areas of Britain to provide reassurance and aid to affected...
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