1. L

    Floating Restaurant

    Can anyone supply me with the Info the floating restaurant at Kazikli. And also is it open for the season yet. xx
  2. hisa4us

    Automatic floating pool cleaning system??

    Hi all can anyone help me please. We have just bought a villa with a private pool and as other owners will know its not cheap maintaining them using and paying companies to do so for you while the seaon lasts. About 12 months ago i saw a device like a flying saucer shape floating device on a...
  3. merlin

    $11-Billion 'Floating City' to be Made in Turkey....

    The first "floating city", one of the world's largest projects, will be built in Iskenderun, Turkey. Turkey will supply 80 percent of the construction materials for the Freedom City. In addition to Turkey, the Bahamas, Venezuela and the Dutch Antilles were also considered as locations for the...
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