1. Mushtaq

    Turkey flight suspension

    In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Turkey has announced that flights between Turkey and the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE will be cancelled from 8am (local time) on 17 March. You should check with your airline before travelling. Flights between Turkey...
  2. T

    flight ticket

    Hi, I want to buy 5 tickets for a few days before kurban bayram (which is on 11 August) from van to istanbul. I want to know whether anybody has any experience about it. Now the cheapest ticket is around 300 tl. Is it reasonable to wait for a cheaper one a month later or even a few days before...
  3. S

    How to get the best flight prices during school holidays

    I would like to know if there is a way to get affordable half board or all inclusive deals to Dalaman region without lying to the school. I'm in London. Monarch is dead. Lowcost holidays is dead but Brexit is well and truly alive with market forces poised to put us all into solitary confinement...
  4. I

    2019 Flight schedules

    In ten years of flying numerous times to Antalya each year, next year must be the worst ever for the schedules. Jet 2, Thomas Cook, Tui, and Easyjet all return well after midnight and some at 3 or 4 in the morning. Any the prices? Well they have been hiked as well no doubt after a good year for...
  5. E

    Deportee taken from flight protests.

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6273199/Somali-man-deportation-stopped-good-plane-passengers-revealed-gang-rapist.html Unbelievable.
  6. A89

    Christmas flight cancelled.

    If anyone is booked onto the Thomas Cook flight from Antalya to Manchester on December 14 as I was - Its been cancelled. I only found out because I was on the chat service with them about another flight! They also said they'd refunded me the flight cost on June 20th immediately as I booked it...
  7. juco

    flight 1380 ATC Recordings Emergency Landing

    Interesting stuff, Pilot done well considering there was 3 major events. Engine failure. Structural damage to control surfaces. Injured passengers. Southwest flight 1380 ATC Recordings Emergency Landing at Philadelphia - YouTube
  8. L

    one way flight or not?

    i,m sitting at with man flu so decided to cheer myself up by looking at booking my summer trip to turkey. normally I have kids in tow but this year its just me and the wife. so I fancy something different. I am looking at flying from London to somewhere like alanya or antayla to see another part...
  9. G

    cheap flight with turkish airlines

    Hi I have just booked first 2 weeks in march with Turkish Airlines return Heathrow-Bodrum for £170 incl 23KG luggage. :48:
  10. K

    Laptop flight ban update

    Here's a heads up. . . Government lifts laptop cabin ban on most UK flights from Turkey and Tunisia | City A.M.
  11. G

    return flight from bodrum to uk wanted mid sept

    Hi All im am looking for a cheap return flight back to uk between 10th and 15th sept. please pm me if anyone is selling a return flight. thanks in advance
  12. C

    Thomas cook flight Bodrum to Manchester, cancelled

    Anybody on the Thomas Cook flight back from Bodrum to Manchester Saturday night - Sunday morning, cancelled until 4pm the next day. No information given and around 300 people put up in hotels. Whats happening with Thomas Cook?
  13. T

    BA Flight Holiday Mayhem

    Thousands of people across the world have been stranded, airports swamped in people waiting to hear something - anything about why BA have cancelled flights! Eventually BA claimed it was caused by a Power outage, then a Glitch..... But is it because they too have outsourced their IT services...
  14. lilacdiana

    Cappodicia balloon flight

    Has anyone ever done the cappodicia balloon flight. I was wondering if anyone had a rough price guide. There is a huge difference in the companies that advertise online!. thanks Di
  15. oldfogy

    One way flight BHX to ADB £35

    One way flight ticket hand luggage only for June 10 from Birmingham (BHX) to Izmir (ADB) (flight time 16:20 landing at 22:10 now not required will cost £35 and a efes for a change of name and details.On offer on a First come basis. Flying with Thomas Cook. Price has been checked and confirmed...
  16. K

    New Flight Security Measures

    For flights from Turkey and ME, see latest from TC issued in last hour. You may have seen on the news recently that the UK government have put new security measures in place on flights from Turkey and Egypt to the UK. This means some electronic devices are not allowed in your hand luggage and...
  17. B

    Flight 5 May 2017 Dalaman-Birmingham Extra Luggage

    Thomson flight Dalaman Birmingham 5th May 2017 Is there anyone booked on this flight that is not intending on using their baggage allowance that would be prepared to take extra luggage for me. I have tried to book through Thomson but because I booked with Thomson turkey I am only allowed a...
  18. A

    Manchester to Antalya flight

    Is anyone travelling on the manchester to Antalya flight on friday 10th march and heading in the direction of marmaris or even better datca? I had a transfer booked with transfer only who have now decided to refund my payment as not viable for one person.I am happy to share fuel costs etc.
  19. P

    Connecting flight delays

    Hi, we're considering a January visit to Marmaris so no direct flights to DLM but stop overs/connecting flights with Pegasus in Sabiha Gokcen airport. Incoming is fine but return journey would mean a wait time of over 9 hours before the flight home to London. We don't fancy this! Are we allowed...
  20. S

    Flight Info

    Hi All Not having much luck re cheap (direct) Bodrum flights from London/Brum/Bristol. Can anyone recommend a good search engine/site? Thought there'd be some great deals around but seems to be the opposite at the moment. Thanks. Sunseeker
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