1. J


    Been getting a lot of small flies in my apartment.They have delta shaped wings and seem to like clinging to the walls.They seem to be poor flyers and are easily caught.Does anyone know what they are called?Do they bite?
  2. Freedom 49

    How Time Flies.

    With all the controversy still surrounded Diana's death 16 yrs ago, take a moments also to remember Mother Teresa. Just 6 days after Diana, at least she died peacefully. R.I.P. Two of the best people this world will probably ever know.
  3. D

    Black flies.....

    ....they look similar to house flies, but they bite. They are around during the day. Anyone know how to deter the little blighters?
  4. perfect1949

    restaurants and flies

    Mustis tonight great food and service , and no flies . Brenda and Mustie get their restaurant sprayed once a week for flies and mosquitoes . perhaps other restaurants and bar's should do the same . nothing worse than having a meal whilst being pestered with flies , what does the forum think ? . dave
  5. carolk


    FFS they are driving me mad!! I cant remember there being as many ever!!!:eek:
  6. ZiaCa'

    No Flies on Him!

    Obama Crushes Pesky Fly On CNBC (VIDEO)
  7. P

    Easyjet flies to Istanbul

    Starting December Easyjet will fly to Sabiha Gokcen airport at Istanbul from Gatwick.Prices from £35.99 one way,return £59.99.Hope they will soon include other airports :5: Bookings now being taken on their website
  8. Andy

    Ian flies to Turkey

    Just to say, have a great months holiday in Turkey tomorrow Ian. It must be nice to look forward to abit of dry sunny weather for a change. Whens your flight so we can check up and see you off. Enjoy yourselves you deserve it. Andy
  9. cirali

    EasyJet now flies London to Istanbul

    Hi all, In the turkish newspaper yesterday morning there was an article about flights with Easy Jet. I will translate my best into english. Cheap tickets with Easy Jet from London - Istanbul will begin tommorow. The Observer newspaper reported. Beginning Tuesday with flights Thursday and...
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