1. D

    Flashing in Selimiye

    Photos of lightning in the recent storms.
  2. S

    flashing adverts

    Hi Help Can anyone do anything about the adverts that are at the left side of every page on the forum. Its making my reading a nightmare as its constantly flashing (no rude comments please). Its enough to bring on epilepsy. I cant continue to read much more of the wonderful comments that are...
  3. E

    Electric meter flashing

    I've just noticed our meter has a red light on the top right corner constantly flashing along with the LCD display, the other 17 or so in our block are behaving normally, just ours has gone mad. If I press the button that shows you the readings for the different tariffs it still flashes, so...
  4. C

    need help....both lights flashing

    Hi all i wonder could somebody help me please,my laptop won't charge up while i am using it,both orange lights are flashing,so i switch it off charge up,use it then it runs out....really frustrating ahhh thanks all
  5. bob75

    Flashing yellow traffic lights!! Help :)

    Hi all :) Just a quick query which I hope someone can help me with.....Turkish traffic lights, what does it mean when there are flashing yellow lights? My sister Pauline aka irishmatelot is out in Bodrum right now and is getting very perplexed with these flashing lights!!! So can anybody put...

    Are you still flashing

    I just wondered how many of you that bought TLF keyrings, are they still flashing, cos mine are. Yeh, ok i'm bored :slapme: but the footie :bored: is on and i can't stand footie Aghhhhhhh Jeannie :banplease
  7. Mushtaq

    TLF flashing Keyring

    I managed to source a nice little keyring that flashes with the logo, powered by solar light. Here is a mockup of the two designs, what do members think about this? The price will be around £3.50 including postage.
  8. A

    lead flashing

    Does anyone know where I can find some lead flashing?
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