1. teosgirl

    Flasher on the bus?

    Video shows man in Turkey get a slap after flashing his genitals at female passenger | Daily Mail Online To be honest I can't see how he did it. He's holding his coat with the right hand, and the bus rail with the other. His coat would have been hanging over his lower section anyway. Yet...
  2. N

    Beware Flasher at Flamingo CC

    Parents of young children beware I have heard of a serious incident were ,an adult as been exposing himself to young children at FCC. Jandarma were called and that's all I have heard .This happened a few days back ,a friend recently returned from holidays ,has confirmed this . Josh.
  3. KKOB

    Turks' fury over flasher Brits

    I don't often read British comics but here's something I picked out today. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1243867.ece
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