1. A89

    Flash support ending

    Hi. I keep getting a message on my screen sayıng that soon support for Flash will end. How will I be able to watch tv on my laptop after that? To stream live it asks me to enable flash. I use google chrome and someone told me before that Chrome has its own flash but it does ask me to enable...
  2. M

    Adobe Flash Player

    Hi everyone - I am in trouble once again with my computer. I keep getting a yellow band across the websites that says Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date. Then there are 2 boxes: Update Plugin and Run This Time. I have tried both. Obviously the second box then removes...
  3. juco

    HTML5 V Flash

    It would appear that adobe will not be supporting `flash` by 2020, HTML5 looks like the popular replacement. I know I have flash on my PC but quite frankly I don't really know what it does other than ask for updates. I am on win7, is it just a case of downloading and substituting it for flash...
  4. Jaycey

    A 2TB flash drive!

    CES 2017: Kingston announces world's largest USB memory stick with 2TB flash drive Wow, just wow!
  5. Jaycey

    Flash Mobs

    Something cheerful for a change - maybe time for a Flash Mob thread. I haven’t seen a bad one yet and love to see the ‘spontaneity’ and crowd participation so just for a kick off … BEST FLASH MOB (my opinion) - YouTube Just wow!: Dubai Som Sabadell flashmob - BANCO SABADELL - YouTube...
  6. Mushtaq

    Two die, eight injured after flash flood in touristic canyon in Muğla

    Two people died and eight were injured July 20 after being trapped inside the Saklıkent Canyon in the southwestern province of Muğla due to intense flooding, with the mayor describing the deaths as “fate.” Some 46 tourists visiting the canyon on July 20 when they were caught by a sudden...
  7. spitfire

    Monarch Flash Sale

    Morarch Flash Sale Morarch have got a 24hr flash sale on flights to Bodrum and Dalaman in June and July. Also if you fly From Manchester or East Midlands and add the code "HAPPY10" at the payment page you can save an extra £10 :becky: Here's an example of one I've just found, hope this helps...
  8. Neil_Denizli

    Flash Player RIP?

    If you are having trouble watching video these days on various devices, it may be your flash player that is the problem. If you don't know what Adobe Flash Player is, have a look here Adobe Flash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gradually, the old style Flash player is being phased out: The...
  9. ted j

    Flash the tortoise

    I should be a scriptwriter for Corrie Flash the tortoise has died and they're looking for a replacement Gail has been booted out and is looking for a home The solution
  10. SLEEPY

    Ipad flash player

    Santa brought the War Department an IPAD but can anyone tell me how to load flash player on to it. Thanks.
  11. arrian

    Flash floods in Russia

    having just read this, it makes me think we shouldn't really complain about getting a few inches of rain overnight, when they got 5 months worth. Flash Floods In Russia Kill 78 People - Yahoo! News UK .
  12. S

    Flash player

    As per normal, my daughter has been home using my laptop and lost? all my settings.:132lm: I can no longer view any videos ( song threads, you tube etc.). Every time I go on it says I have to update my flash player, which I do and it says it has been successful, then when I try to view a video...
  13. J

    ITV Player & Adobe Flash

    Hi All ITV player now directs you to download the new adobe flash player in order to view programmes - I have done this however, still cannot watch ITV as it continually advises me I need to download the flash player?? Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  14. shirleyanntr

    flash and class of British State Visits

    Abdullah Gül is in the UK this week on a State visit it was really impressive to see all the pomp and protocol on display yesterday...and i have to say i loved it..it was very flashy and classy Whatever you thınk about thıs there ısnt another country that can roll the red carpet out and...
  15. G

    Adobe Flash Player 10 Problem

    Hi, Is anyone having problems with this? I check Skyscanner for flight prices. I appear to have a problem with some script in this as I keep getting error message" a script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer my become unesponsive...
  16. arrian

    flash floods in FRANCE!

    BBC News - Deadly flash floods hit southern France BBC News - Several dead as rescuers struggle in French floods
  17. ceemac

    Flash Flooding

    Two people were killed and two others were injured after flash floods hit the northeast Turkish province of Artvin. At least three people are still missing. LiveLeak.com - Deadly Flash Floods Hit Northeast Turkey C
  18. Mushtaq

    Many dead in Turkey flash floods

    At least 20 people have died in severe flooding across south-eastern Turkey, many swept away by deluges caused by overnight torrential rain. Victims included a party of 14 wedding guests travelling in a minibus from Diyarbakir to neighbouring Mardin. Helicopters and boats are struggling to...
  19. spitfire

    ** News Flash ** Turkey Attacks Bush

    Turkey Attacks George Bush!!
  20. Mushtaq

    Tapu News Flash!!

    Just heard from few sources now that the waste of time military clearance is no longer required, and the deed transfers can take place in couple of days. Still waiting for official news release but it's great news if it's accurate.
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