1. S

    Turkey- Flag dispute

  2. teosgirl

    Turkish flag ferry ban to Greece

    Türk bayrakl? ticari yatlar?n ve yolcu gemilerinin Yunan adalar?na sefer yapmas? yasakland? I have a friend who owns a ferry company which runs between Turkey and a Greek island. They were notified today that the Turkish marine transport ministry will ban Turkish flagged vessels from travelling...
  3. bickern

    Eiffel Tower lit in colors of Turkish flag

    The Eiffel Tower was illuminated in the colors of the Turkish flag on June 12, after a social media contest on Twitter was overwhelmingly won by Turkish football fans. France kicked off its Euro 2016 festivities on June 9 and announced that the Eiffel Tower will be illuminated in the flag...
  4. K

    NZ Flag

    The people of New Zealand have voted to keep their present national flag with the Union Jack incorporated, but how many other countries in the world include the Union Jack, and which American State also has a Union Jack? Interesting article below. Which flags still include the union jack? - BBC...
  5. niyaz

    British flag

    British flag should have a little corner representing multi ethnic Britain added on to it.
  6. suzyq

    Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave

    All babies born in Britain could have the EU flag stamped on their birth certificate within three years. Eric Pickles said there was nothing he could do to prevent the emblem from replacing the royal crest on birth, marriage and death certificates. The Communities Secretary warned the move was...
  7. S

    The red flag

    Can anyone help. I am looking for a version of this song played at my dads funeral. My dad was an active and life long member of the socialist party. His wish was for this song to be played at his funeral. After his initial refusal, because of its political nature,and a debate on the words of...
  8. tykatem

    EU votes that National Sports Shirts to carry EU flag.

    The EUSSR have voted that all EU nations national teams should wear the EU flag on their sports shirts. Although it is allegedly voluntary whats the betting we will end up doing it. Considering the current state of the Euro zone finances, perhaps the EUSSR anthem should be changed to "Brother...
  9. Firefox

    Kurdish Flag Syrian Embassy

    The Syrian flag was replaced with the unofficial Kurdish Flag over the Syrian Embassy in Belgrave Squ SW1 today. England has become the dustbin & the number one choice of refuge all world dissidents terrorist & despots from Pinochet (Chile) Muggbie (Zimbabwe) Assad , Al-Saud Al-Sabah...
  10. kaplumba

    Blue flag

    Datça'da Mavi Bayraklı Plajlar It seems like the Hospital Beach has been awarded a Blue Flag this year. I really wish they would clean up the rubbish on some of the more remote and very beautiful beaches.
  11. B

    Turkish flag necklace, wavy, stone-set

    I have seen in a jewellers, in Gunlukbasi, a beautiful delicate wavy Turkish flag, fully stone-set with red and clear stones, attached at the top two corners to a gold or silver chain. The stones were probably zirconia. It was love at first sight, but at the time I had other more pressing...
  12. T

    flag update

    after talking with the police in dalaman i must thank them for there time and curtasey,as regards the flying of english flag on car,it has not got anything to do with religoen race colour or anything for that matter,it is soley a saftey measure because of the security measures in turkey and...
  13. Joe in Tasucu

    Fly the flag?

    I wrote this four years ago before the last world cup but, unfortuneatly, it still applies for me this year. "To be standing by the flag not feeling shameful, racist or partial." Irish blood, English heart - Morrissey This I'm made of. My parents are Irish but I was born and raised in London...
  14. teosgirl

    FB and the banned England flag

    I'm so fed up with all the spin and propaganda being spun by those on Facebook who simply want to cause racial tension among minority groups! During the last week I haven't been online much but whenever I've checked in on facebook I've seen an abundance of groups claiming that 'the England...
  15. ceemac

    Flying A Foreign Flag

    When I bought my place in 2005, a few Brits and Irish had bought in the same complex. I noticed one of them had a Union Jack flying from the balcony and often wondered how that would be viewed by locals or indeed if it was legal. I'd forgotten all about it until recently when I was in Turkey...
  16. R

    The flag

    I was talking to a young Turkish Friend who speaks reasonable English and I happened to mention that I remembered hearing of someone who had been given a prison sentence for disrespecting the Turkish flag. He said to me , do you know about our flag, I said no tell me. He told me that after a...
  17. jcrian

    Union Flag Offensive

    Some people have nothing better to do than complain. Banned, the police Union Flag badge that backs our troops | Mail Online
  18. R

    Blue Flag Beaches

    How do they get one , just back from Turunc and there beach is a joke?
  19. peter the postie

    St Georges flag petition..Please sign

    Regarding the flag debate at http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/back-room/22942-ban-english-flags-3.html#post246401 I have now created a petition. If you feel strongly as I do then feel free to sign it TIG Petitions - Right to fly the Cross of St George
  20. merlin

    Blue Flag designated beaches & marinas in Turkey

    Turkey Foundation for Environmental Education takes samples from 390 spots on Turkey's coasts for one year in 15-day intervals and analyzes the samplings microbiologically. According to the results 174 beaches and 12 marinas in Turkey deserved to carry Blue Flags in 2005. The Blue flag is a...
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