1. C

    Fixing iPhone X screen

    Does anybody know if it's possible to do this cheaply in Turkey? I'm being quoted over €250 online. Thanks!
  2. suzyq

    State university advertisement reveals fixing in academic employment

    A university named after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan mistakenly published the names of academics seemingly pre-selected to fill vacancies there in an ad that appeared in Turkish media on Thursday. According to media reports, a university employment advertisement specifies the conditions...
  3. A

    bar price fixing in Dalaman

    In the few bars that are in Dalaman, we are pretty sure that beer price fixing is going on, efes is 7tl and Carlsberg is 10tl, the meals are roughly the same price wherever you go. there are no dolmus anywhere in the town, looks like they will have a lean year
  4. teosgirl

    Turkish match fixing scandal, the PM and the Mafia

    TURKEY - Match fix indictment alleges mafia was a player in football For those of you who are not aware, there's a huge match fixing scandal encompassing the main Turkish football teams in Turkey at the moment, with at least one team President (Fenerbahce) languishing in prison until his trial...
  5. teosgirl

    match fixing scandal - Turkey

    Big news making every news channel today is the arrest of 40 people including head of Fenerbahce Aziz Yildirim, after an investigation began into match fixing in Turkey. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. :42mb: While I smuggly type this (after all I've been screaming FIX! for years) I do...
  6. T

    buying furniture and all the fixing

    hi, I just bought an apartment in altinkum. will start furnish it next week, any ideas where to start? i.e. stores name, places to go, places to avoid. any input would help thank you terry :thanks:
  7. immac

    Barbers Price Fixing

    The small things irritate most. Barbers in central Fethiye and Çalış are all charging at least 10TL for a haircut and 15TL if you add a shave. But this is only to foreigners - locals pay 3 or 4TL for a haircut and up to 7TL if you add the shave. It must be price fixing. In Izmir recently...
  8. L

    Wall fixing

    Hi all, Is it a problem to attach something to the wall in an apartment that is built from the red hollow type bricks that are used on the continent. I am going out to my apartment in Gumusluk soon to do some DIY, fitting shelves, pictures ect. Thanks in advance for your help langmad :der:
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