1. L

    Handyman to fix doorbell in Beyoglu?

    Hello all! I am renting a place in Beyoglu and the doorbell is broken. I can’t get deliveries because some kargo companies can’t call a phone so I can answer the door. My landlord is lovely but doesn’t get that it would help to have a working doorbell. Any recommendations on a handyman to hire...
  2. bickern

    If a man says he'll fix it

  3. 3


    Fix, recount, rerun, fake news, activate Article 7, Russian interference & stop their money & **** the voters they don't come into it. OR We can work with Orban says leaders but everyone knows Brussels cant.
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Gym'll fix it

    A young Syrian refugee has been given a lifetime membership at his local gym after a photo of him gazing through the window at the fitness equipment went viral. Mohammed Khaled, 12, who works as a shoeshiner in Adiyaman province, southern Turkey, was pictured outside the centre with a footstool...
  5. A

    Swollen Ankles or Joints? How to fix it!

    I have suffered in Turkey on and off for years with swollen ankles as I do so much walking in Side. We do not have a car and of course the heat does not help. I have tried everything from putting ice on them, to very hot towels, soaking them in cold water and in very hot water, putting them up...
  6. N

    mxpro box add on screen not able to view fix please

    hi people my addon page i cant view as it is off the screen to the left can some one tell me the fix to bring it back on to screen so i can view on the screen to select programe to view.
  7. F

    Where can i fix my iphone?

    Hello guys. i live now in yalova and i dropped my iphone and now the touch screen dos not work. i took it turkcell technical service and i was told that the problem is with the "ANA KART" , and they can not fix it. is there any place that i can fix it in yalova, bursa or istanbul?
  8. mollag

    Nostalgia fix

    I dont need to remind the older posters that nostalgia was far better in the olden days, far better than todays nostalgia :42: Anyhoo for the baby boomers some chuckles at the expense of how we lived back then :48: EATING IN THE UK IN THE FIFTIES * Pasta had not been invented. * Curry...
  9. M

    Masallah Sayali in Kas huge problems, need new builder to fix problems

    I have had a big problem with a builder called Masallah Sayali in Kas. I now need to find a reliable builder to do repairs for me! any advice please:19:
  10. martin m

    i can fix that

    Hi all As some of you know i have been struggling to get these pictures on here today, thanks abba, mushtaq, juco, hopefully now I HAVE FIXED IT, just like the fixers in the pics martin. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  11. myrtle542001

    In A Fix - taking builder to court

    We live in Turkey Full time. Their is no plan B. We are taking our Builders to Court. After 5 years no Tapu. Found out last year our Tapu, (in Builders Company name) is in Debt. Filed for Court March 2010. We are still waiting. In the meantime, more & more Debt has been put on. Our Advocate...
  12. Gill

    Fix ADSL in Yalikavak

    Can anyone tell me who is the best person/company to call to fix ADSL line and Internet problem in Yalikavak. Thanks
  13. ceemac

    Internet Explorer 'Fix'

    Microsoft has rushed out a software update for Internet Explorer after the browser was found to contain a security flaw. Here C
  14. G

    Low price on Tapu - how to fix?

    I have received my Tapu with the stated sold price considerably lower than what we paid for. As we felt underpressure and was only there for a week we signed and then questioned it after. My builder told me that he just gives the selling figures to the Tapu Office and they make the calculations...
  15. northender1

    Damp fix?

    I'm looking for a builder around Yalikavak who'll re-plaster my internal walls with waterproof cement to hopefully stop, or at least slow down the peeling paint problem. Has anyone done this, or have any contacts they could give me? Please PM me if the forum rules forbid naming names Have...
  16. immac

    Laser eye fix in Turkey

    From Times online Destination Health: The Times July 01, 2006 Body&Soul Case study: eye surgery in Turkey Unable to afford private laser eye treatment in the UK, one woman went to Turkey Gillian Maynard, a travel executive from London, was so fed up with the hassle of glasses and contact...
  17. G

    Google need to fix this!!!

    1.) go to 2.) type in "failure" without the quotes 3.) press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one) I'm sure they will fix it soon lol
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