1. P

    Help with Utilities, fittings, furniture etc

    We have bought an apartment at Hermias but are struggling to find any one that can help us with the fitting out (our Turkish is severely limited!). Does anyone know of a Handyman/Electrician/Joiner who could assist us? Similarly if there is anyone who could accompany us and/or translate to get...
  2. immac

    Trainers - Width Fittings

    I´m looking for a (hopefully) Turkish supplier of training shoes that does width fittings. I seem to be only offered narrow fittings or, more usually, no indication at all as to what width is being sold. Even well known brands, such as New Balance, that in UK or USA sell every shoe in up to 6...
  3. R

    Ceiling Fan/Light Fittings

    We are flying out to our apartment in Ilica in a couple of weeks and were planning to bring out fan/light fittings for the bedrooms. Can these be bought locally and are they expensive - we have the luggage allowance, just don't know if we want to bring so many things...
  4. T

    Shop fittings + aircon unit

    Shop fittings for sale in Datca. 1. Air conditioning unit 24 BTU 2. 3 x Greeting Cards stands 3. 1 Gift carousel stand 4. "L" shaped shop counter 5. Gift Wrap stand Price by negotiation...if you wish further information please telephone 05468776698 or 0252 7120116
  5. E

    Light Fittings

    Can anyone tell me if a light fitting bought at B&Q in the UK would be compatable with Turkish wiring?????
  6. Yogi

    Light Fittings

    Are Turkish light fittings different to UK ones? I need to get light fittings for my apartment but am not looking to spend a fortune (just bare bulbs at the moment). Can I buy light shades here in the UK or is it a totally different size fitting? Also, where's a good place to buy them...
  7. val2661

    Can I Fit English Light Fittings In Turkey?

    Has anyone brought ceiling light fittings (electrical ones) from England and successfully fitted them in Turkey? I've seen some fantastic ones that I'd like to bring back for my new place and the builder has told me they could be fitted. I know the voltage is the same as the UK, but just...
  8. J

    Where Can You Get GOOD Quality Low Cost Light Fittings?

    Hi Our Apartment is in altinkum and i wanted to know where we can get good quality light fittings and low cost! :PakistanF
  9. L

    Light Fittings

    We will be looking for lights and fittings next month in Dalyan, can anyone tell me where we can find these also ceiling fan lights, we will hire a car and don't mind travelling. I would appreciate any ideas.
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