1. A

    Fitted wardrobes near Dalaman?

    Hello, I posted this question on another forum but not really had an answer: Does anybody know of people around the dalaman area who can make fitted wardrobes? Looking for a high gloss finish in white, couple of tails in and shelves. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Any pictures of...
  2. Ian2006

    Anyone had a 3rd Solar Panel fitted?

    We have only just realised that the reason our water does not get very hot in the winter is that the 2 panels are hidden behind the turret style stairways and don't see much of the sun. At lunch today a friend suggested rather than go to the upheaval of trying to move the existing ones - which...
  3. D

    getting elec+water meters fitted

    does anyone know if and how you can get your own water elec meters fitted even if your complex has not got habitation cert we have got tapu but no hab cert yet and as i have heard many stories of builders not paying bills and apartment owners being hit with them i wanted to get my own...
  4. S

    Fitted up in Gulluk

    It appears a certain management company have the Jandarma in their pocket. In a desperate effort to control the flow of clients leaving for more professional companies that provide property management services in Gulluk, a certain proprietor has decided to stoop very low indeed. One of the...
  5. S

    Brick fitted BBQ

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer in Turkey. Has anyone got a brick built BBQ on their balcony. We would actually like one built and fitted (we are on the top floor) but dont know how to go about getting this done. Does anyone know where you get them from...
  6. B

    Fitted Sheets

    If I buy double fitted sheets here will they fit the double beds in Turkey same with the single fitted sheets. I am going to buy most stuff over there, but take the bedding with me, as the likes of Matalan and Asda have some great bedding at good prices.
  7. andee

    Joiner required .(fitted 'robes)

    Hello all , We're flying out to Altinkum in April and will need a reliable person to fit mirrored wardrobes in our three bedrooms . I will travel with him to purchase the materails and then pay labour charges to him . the 'robes will be 5/6 doors across and flooor to ceiling . The recess in...
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