1. S

    Fit Spaniards!!!

    They sure are fit and virile!!!!!! Spanish woman, 64, gives birth to healthy twins -
  2. M

    1500TL to fit a shower enclosure?

    he is asking for 1500tl to fit in a shower enclosure,a bathroom cabinet and tile up 16sqm of the bath room. is this a fair price to pay?do you know anyone in and around altinkum/didim/akbuk who can do better? thanks
  3. bal canavar

    Hizzy fit

    WORTH WATCHING THE VIDEO POST 7 Erdogan takes a hizzy fit and walks out shouting and in anger at the 146th Foundation of the Council of State. He didn't like what was being said by the President of the Bar Associsation and shouted in anger at the President to "have manners" and exited...
  4. H

    Getting fit... Personal Trainer :)

    Good afternoon everyone. I moved out to Alanya back in June. After slowly putting on weight and getting fed up of looking at the lazy reflection staring back at me i thought, now its time to do something about it,as im in a wonderful place with time on my hands. I decided to look into Fitness in...
  5. H

    keeping fit in Alanya

    Hi there. A week a go I came to Turkey to be with my boyfriend. I am new toAlanya as we lived in Antalya before...I have a lot of time on my hands and would love to join a gym where there are classes such as pilates toning classes etc. Im 28 and would like to meet people similar to myself. ANY...
  6. D

    keep fit classes/gym anywhere in Altinkum?

    Hi all - we are coming back out this week and since Christmas I've gotten myself hooked on exercise - are there any gyms or keep fit classes in the area I could use? Obviously I don't want to join a gym with extended membership as we are only out for a short time! Thanks
  7. MandyH

    Keep fit in Calis

    Hi everyone - anyone know of any keep fit/step classes in Calis or a good reasonably priced gym?
  8. skydog

    64 Yrs Old and Fighting Fit!

    Israel Celebrates 64 - Special Greeting for Israel Independence Day - YouTube Happy 64th Israel! :)
  9. G

    Wii fit board

    Does anyone in Alanya area know where i can buy a cheap 2nd hand wii fit board? im desperate! lol
  10. Lillylilly

    oooo I want one of these to keep fit!!!!

    Get Ripped With Tug Toner - YouTube :77wu::77wu::77wu::77wu::77wu::77wu::77wu:
  11. I

    Hardly fit to travel:(

    Just started the Istanbul Flu ( temperature and nose running), on antibiotics from root canal treatment today, terrible back pain (and my physio away for the month) and I'm about to fly to Italy on Sunday morning in this state:( When all I feel like is staying in bed:(
  12. jaimie

    Getting fit

    Good evening Everyone, I thought it's about time I got my fitness back up to spec, anyway went for a run this afternoon - 3 miles, I thought I was going to die :frown: (I can remember when a 3 mile run was just warming me up - ahh those were the days) anyone else been on a fitness regime and...
  13. O

    Can we fit Broadband?

    Hi Everyone, We've had an apartment in Dalyan for a number of years and have now 'upgraded' to a villa. We'd like to fit Broadband at the villa, but we've been led to believe that to get a telephone line installed, one needs to be a Turkish Resident? Just wondering if this is indeed the case...
  14. O

    Seeking Native English Speaker Friends to hang out and to keep my English fit

    Hello Everybody, My name is Omer Faruk. I am a lawyer and live in Atakoy/Istanbul. I would like to meet and hang out with Native English Speakers to keep up my English. If you would be interested, please send me a email. Thank you very much in advance.
  15. D

    Aqua fit

    Come on ladies & gents get fit the easy way & have a laugh. I am going to The Derby pool every Wednesday at 10am & enjoying it, surpised myself.
  16. S

    Fit pump to borehole

    Hi, Our small site is built on the site of an orchard and it has a borehole which has been used in the past to supply water for the trees. Does anyone know of a firm in Yalikavak/Bodrum that could re-commission it? Thanks
  17. P

    Five-a-side footy to keep fit

    Hi All, Im brand new to this forum, so Hello my names Paul, Im 34 and currently living in Wigan counting down the days till we get over there. Me and my girlfriend are moving to Ovacik/Fethiye on the 29th July. I was wondering do any of you guys play football over there, maybe five-a-side or...
  18. peter the postie

    Wow! Wii Fit Plus & GameOn Balance Board under £50 at Asda

    This is a very good deal!!! Asda deal
  19. ken

    Trying to keep fit

    Does anyone out there (in Icmeler) know if there's a gym that i can use for general keep fit/weight training or is it a case of making friends at one of the hotels and maybe using theirs.?
  20. val2661

    Can I Fit English Light Fittings In Turkey?

    Has anyone brought ceiling light fittings (electrical ones) from England and successfully fitted them in Turkey? I've seen some fantastic ones that I'd like to bring back for my new place and the builder has told me they could be fitted. I know the voltage is the same as the UK, but just...
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