1. beyazbayan

    Fishy Game

    Right lets get this straight. 1. When İ fail İ do not want some computer condescendingly stating ''you could do better' İf İ could have done better İ would have you moron. 2. The helpful little fish - they are not helpful they are a dam nuisance and anyway they are very ugly. 3. Whats the...
  2. mollag

    A fishy story

    Being a fan of Bim makes me want to try "odd" stuff as the prices are keen,so i have just tried their Uskumru fish, it comes packed in sardine like tins. Its appears to be mackerel fillets, unsmoked, in oil and capers. I loved it, spread on hot toast with a little seasoning and mayo--very...
  3. KKOB

    Fishy Photos -- Shopped

    There's something fishy about these pictures: Either genetic engineering's got way out of hand, or someone's been on Photoshop... | Mail Online
  4. ceemac

    Something Fishy

    I'm in a fishy mood today... What's your favourite fish to eat in Turkey, how do you prepare and serve it, or if you get it at a restaurant, what way do you like it? I like simple grilled or barbequed sea bass with a drizzle of fresh lemon juice over it, served with a nice green salad. C
  5. J

    A fishy tale

    We are going out to Akbuk in September with the intention of buying some property (probably a new villa on a smallish complex. We have done loads of research on the internet but if anybody has any advice it would be most welcome. For example, should be deal with agents or direct with the...
  6. Andy

    A Fishy Tail

    Fishy Story Forget about Dog Bites Man. Relegate Man Bites Dog to the back pages. Today we are dealing with Fish swallows dog, an item which reaches us by way of Moscow. The dog was swimming across the Pechora River to join its master when it vanished, leaving only a ripple. The dog's...
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