1. W

    Fly fishing buddy in Turkey!

    Hello~ I am Hyewon, I just moved to Istanbul and I want a friend who knows how to fly fish, for trout, or carp, or anything, would love to go fishing with someone who has passion for fly fishing (yet I am truly a beginner). I would feel so good to go fishing together with someone who shares the...
  2. mollag

    UK Fishing rights

    Want to know why our fishing industry is so poorly represented? Maybe our MEP on the fishing panel not attending for years has something to do with it ? He took the wages but didnt feel like the work, when named and shamed he brays like the Ass he is. Farage as he really is, has no problem with...
  3. F

    Fishing in Konak - Izmir

    Hi All Coming to Konak - Izmir next week and would like to do some fishing, does anybody know of some good shops where we could get some local info/bait? Thanks in advance.....
  4. T

    Protect Britain's Fishing Waters - Petition

    Protect Britain's Fishing rights/Water post-Brexit. "On the UK's withdrawal from the EU, Britain can leave the CFP and reclaim its 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) under international law (UNCLOS). Adopting UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) would allow total UK...
  5. C

    Boat trip +fishing trip

    Have been searching the net for recommendations for a day boat trip and a day fishing trip as we are doing a 4day trip to Bodrum on the 6th October from altinkum, we have been on many boats from altinkum and thought it would make a change to see different bays would much appreciate any...
  6. the bueman

    Impact of Super Trawlers in Irish Fishing Waters

    RTE 1 tonight @ 2215 tonight. Really worth watching......its reckoned our trawlers have lost 171 Billion Euro of earnings to these monster ships. This documentary explores how modern day communities must learn from the past, in order to secure a brighter future...
  7. niyaz

    fishing in dalaman or near

    good morning , anyone knows a good fishing spot in or near Dalaman.
  8. K

    EU bans bass fishing

    I know it's January 1st not April 1st but this is the sort of thing that really is unacceptable. Brussels to Britain's anglers - Happy New Year, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN, you're nicked...  | Daily Mail Online
  9. A


    Hi all. I like to fish on a 12 Island boat trip and have caught small fish using bread and chicken. I want to catch bigger and was thinking about bringing over frozen squid. Has anyone brought over bait? And if so what works best? Any info would be appreciated, ie hook size anything like that...
  10. A

    Fishing advice

    Hi all. I have a place in ortaga and love a 12 islands boat trip from Gocek. I've fished wit bread and chicken off the boat and caught little fish but I want to catch bigger. Has anyone taken frozen bait over and if so what? And did it work. I'm thinking of taking frozen squid. Any tips would...
  11. SLEEPY

    Spear fishing

    A friend of mine wants to come over to do a spot of spear fishing next month and he was asking me what were the legalities or permits that were required to do so. I told him that as far as I was concerned and what most locals do just jump in and hunt away.. as no one will bother you. He...
  12. J

    Deep Sea Fishing in Alanya

    Hello all Hope someone could help me and my friends? Have noticed people speaking at turkishliving about deep sea fishing but did not find any contact details. We are three men with our families visiting Alanya during 16.10 - 23.10. on holidays and we would like to try deep sea fishing (3...
  13. C


    hi does anyone no how it cost to hire a boat to go fishing in marmariis . thanks
  14. stepwolf

    fishing permit???

    hi folks and thanks for having me. we are going to bitez/bodrum in September and I quite fancied to spend a few hours just fishing off a pier or rock. do I, as a tourist, require a sea fishing permit? I wont be going on a boat btw. if I do need a permit can I source one locally? I heard...
  15. S

    Fishing at Akkaya

    Hi Does anyone know how much it is to go fishing at Akkaya please? thanks
  16. H

    Fly fishing in the Taurus Mountains

    Hi My husband and I are off on holiday to Side in 2 weeks, this will be our 7th visit. My husband always does a bit of fishing from the jetty of the hotel, but this year has booked a days fly fishing in the Taurus Mountains, I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this, mainly...
  17. J

    Deep sea fishing

    My son and grandson are coming over from the Uk to stay with us in Oba for a short holiday and would like to do some deep sea fishing. Can anyone recommend a good fishing charter boat or company who can offer either half day or full day fishing for 3 to 4 people at a reasonable price. thanks...
  18. T

    fishing in yalikavak

    been to yali for going on 5 summers now but was wondering if anyone had ever fished there as I have only fished for 20 mins at a time there before. if anyone has any 'tips' on what to do it would be much appreciated :thumbup:
  19. hayabusa

    Fishing in Koycegiz Lake

    Hi there, I am new to Koycegiz area and was wondering if you need permission or licence for fishing in the Lake. I am also keen on Sea Fishing, so would be interested in if there are any Sea Fishing Boats that go out from the Koycegiz Lake. Anyone know the area well ?.....
  20. A

    Bodrum Fishing

    Hi to all you anglers. I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. I originally posted this in the sports area of the forum and on reflection it may not have been in the right as I have has lots of views but no information about fishing on the Bodrum...
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