1. T

    US Navy Rescues Iranian Fishermen

    A US Navy ship has rescued 13 Iranians held hostage by Somali pirates for weeks in the Arabian sea. U.S. officials say the Iranian captain expressed his gratitude. I imagine Firefox will be along in a few moments to add his thanks.
  2. arrian

    one for the fishermen

    Giant oarfish - Yahoo! Search Results
  3. Andy

    UK Bikers & Fishermen

    Lidl's in the UK are doing very good and reasonable prices for the motorcycle and fishermen enthusiasts. IE Jet Helmets £20 Plug in Chargers £5 Motorbike covers £9 Leather Gloves £13 Boots £13 Balaclavers £5 Hands Free Speaker £5 Rain Suits £10 + jackets...
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