1. Camden

    Istanbul Iconic Fish Sandwich vendors

    Whilst in Istanbul we always at some point grab a fish sandwich ... either from the fish market street vendors in Karakoy or the highly decorated boats over the bridge at Eminönü, this time round though , we found the fish market street vendors had gone the fish market was also smaller and no...
  2. K

    Warning of Poisonous Fish

    There are reports that fishermen in Bodrum have found the silver-cheek toadfish, a relative of the puffer fish, in their catches. This is a highly toxic species with enough venom in one fish to kill 30 adult humans. The poison is 1250 times more deadly than cyanide, carried in the liver...
  3. E

    Fish & Chips

    A lady wrote on FB a few days ago that a certain restaurant in Dalyan did the best Fish and Chips she's had in Turkey. Unfortunately I can't find that post now so I wonder if any of the locals could direct me to the right place. Thank you.
  4. B

    Fish and Mushrooms.

    BBC News - Decoding North Korea's fish and mushroom slogans This is all very well if you like Fish or Mushrooms, which I do, but I don't want to use them as a slogan. Bill.
  5. Sally-Ann

    Funniest facts about the Angler fish

    This is soooo very very funny. From the intro you just know it's gonna be brill and it just gets better :) True Facts About The Angler Fish - YouTube Everyone please watch and give your laughing muscles a work out :gulme:
  6. S

    Alanya fish market

    Hi all I fancy stocking up on fresh fish from the market Anyone know the road name to put into my sat nav? Thanks
  7. T

    Giant Jelly fish

    Ho do you fancy sun bathing with Jelly fish you could also share a swim with them - seriously how awful are these creatures, I would not want to stay on a beach with them. Giant jellyfish invading UK beaches - AOL Travel UK
  8. J

    Fish Market Alanya

    Can anyone give me directions on how to get to the fish market in Alanya by bus from Oba.
  9. S

    Fethiye fish market

    For anyone who has not been to Fethiye before, a trip to the fish market is a must. You can choose your fish at one of the many fish stalls, and then one of the nearby restaurants will cook it for you for a small fee. They will include bread and salad for a couple of pounds ! My friend and I...
  10. M

    Buying fish in Turgutreis

    Hi everyone, I know where all of the fish market areas are in Bodrum, but what about buying fresh fish daily in Turgutreis? I haven't seen any, but it must be here somewhere, right? Thanks for your help, Monique
  11. Toxteth

    Fish from the quayside

    Hi, this is an image taken from the quayside adjacent to the Belideye cafe on the way to marina. reminds me of MC Esher...;-)
  12. niyaz

    One pound fish

    I wonder if you can get a pound of fish in Dalaman or the rest of Turkey for a £1. You can in London.:23: One 1 Pound Fish Song. - YouTube
  13. W

    Fish and chips

    Does anybody know if the fish and chip shop on the Ege Road do delivery and if so has anybody got a phone number for them Thanks alot
  14. maggie

    Fish restaurant at Kazikli.

    All you people of Akbuk does anyone know how to get to the Fish Restaurant where apparently they row you out in boats or something and you eat yer dinner on a platform in the water .We live in Akbuk but still havennt been and we want to go this weekend as I have special friends here at the mo ...
  15. Tommie

    Fish Prices

    Can anyone explain to me why Sea Bass has it's unit price (Tl/Kg) stated according to the size of the fish. In the supermarkets there seems to be 3 different unit prices according to the size. Small bass is quoted as 14 Tl/kg, medium as 19 Yl/kg and large as 24 Tl/kg iPrices quoted may differ...
  16. bigred

    Boats offering Fishing Trip

    Anyone know about boats offering Fishing Trips. I know some of the day boats sometimes have a rod available, but are there any boats that just focus on taking people on a fishing trip?
  17. Elvira

    Tinned fish

    I love tinned sardines/any tinned fish on toast or with an omelette or baked spud. I used to buy them for Migros/Tansaş/Carrefor.Now they have disappeared.I eat very little meat so fish is very important health-wise. Plently of Tuna but no sardines or tinned hamsi.Any clues ?
  18. teosgirl

    Fish and Chips

    Exactly that. A new 'Fish and Chip' shop in Izmir. We drove past this new eatery in Alsancak the other day, and of course I was gob-smacked to see this huge illuminated FISH AND CHIPS sign. I'm thinking of trying it for the first time this Friday...
  19. arrian

    Best UK fish and chips

    Seniors has been voted the best for fish and chips and i would agree with that, as i was there not long ago and they were delicious! Well done, please: customers congratulate best fish and chip shop - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  20. J

    Fish pedicure

    Is there anywhere in Fethiye that does a fish pedicure? Thanks
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