1. A

    double glazing firms in Didim

    Hi Can anyone recommend double glazing firms in Didim for new doors etc names and contact details please and any recommendations appreciated Thanks
  2. T

    RBS faces claims of 'killing off' small firms

    Royal Bank of Scotland faces claims of 'killing off' small firms - Telegraph Royal Bank of Scotland is being investigated, they are suspected of charging large fees to small companies in order to squeeze them out of business then they seize the companies assets to prop up the bank.
  3. kale

    Energy firms

    Two of britains biggest energy firms are planning to invest heavily in turkey EON will invest £163 m. Annually into its Enerjista joint venture,which wants to double it,s 4pc share of TURKEYS power market by the end of the decade From mail online Kale Yvonne
  4. roger waters

    Right airport transfer firms

    Now for the last three years I've used gordiontravel for my transfers,no problems all on time and a good service so I emailed muzaffer last Saturday with no reply then filled in the online form with no reply then left them a message with no reply. So I tried maxi tours yesterday with the same...
  5. Mushtaq

    Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

    No surprises here then..... Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show. The papers, revealed here for the first time, raise new...
  6. G

    Property management firms in Gulluk

    Hello, I am a new comer to the forum. I just would like to know does any one can give a bit advice about Property Management firms in Gulluk, Bodrum. Mavi Realty is one option, but anyone with experience with them? Thank you, Dan
  7. Andy

    Postal Gold Firms

    Just a warning to anyone in the UK who are thinking of selling their gold by these postal Gold Company's As seen on TV this morning these company's are all rip off merchants who can charge up to 1 tenth the market value of your gold but more than likely charge you 1 fifth and it's legal...
  8. KKOB

    Construction firms plan price hike

    The real-estate sector is readying for a price hike as signs of revival appear in the market, thanks to the Central Bank’s decision to reduce interest rates. Many companies are planning to implement a 10 percent hike on real-estate prices following the Ramadan holiday. Construction firms plan...
  9. J

    Turkish Law Firms

    There is a need to establish a forum on Turkish Legal system.
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